If you haven’t already cancelled your subscription to 2021, it’s probably time to dust off your notebook and jot down some goals for the year.  For those of you who are newer to intention setting, they can be simple like: spend more socially distanced time with friends, or let The Salty or El Bagel miss you a bit.  Maybe you’ve decided 2021 is without a doubt your year- full speed ahead.  Wherever you are on the manifestation spectrum, we believe that creating the right environment for your future success makes all the difference.  Here’s a few of our favorite ways to set the tone for growth and contentment this year.

Create an Uplifting Environment

With many of us spending 99% of our lives at home, it is more important than ever to love our spaces.  Keep your home office full of fresh flowers and a pop of color with our neon, translucent Mondri Vase.  Inner peace is sometimes only a quick switch away with our LED Acrylic Buddha Lamp.  It’s pretty OM-mazing if you ask us.  Lose the boring, plain white walls and add some art!  Some of our faves are these Andy Warhol Flowered Skateboards or this The Time Is Now print.

Journal Frequently

If 2020 was difficult to process, we’ve now entered 2020 2.0.  Seriously, it never hurts to write down some less than positive thoughts and let that ish go!  Journaling has been proven to help you move powerfully towards your dreams and aspirations so, why not do it in style?  Crank up your creativity with our Frida Khalo Idlewild Notebook.  If you are absolutely over it, but still have some interesting ideas worth remembering, this recycled, leatherbound, 256-page Bang Head Here Journal may be your new favorite place to brain dump.  For everyday ideas and aha napkin notes, this Mermaid Jumbo Deskpad is perfect.

Learning Something New

Is your mind feeling a little stale from too much doom scrolling?  There’s never been a better time to unplug from our phones and the endless flow of negative news.  We are loving Goodbye Phone, Hello World- a guide on how to feel empowered by not picking up your cell 150 times a day, while reconnecting to simple pleasures like nature and other humans.  If finally learning how to cook is on your 2021 to-do list, don’t miss Dorothy Iannone’s Cookbook: A real book of recipes full of visual delights, and filled with wit, wordplay, and idiosyncratic thoughts. 

Breathe In The Good Vibes

Transport yourself to simpler times with this bergamot, citrus, tonka, and sandalwood combo, timely named: Make Love Not War.  Feel the peace for 50+ hours of drama free burn time.  If you need a reminder of the goddess you truly are, our I Am Divine Amethyst Crystal Candle has your name on it.  With a plantable wildflower seed paper dust cover, and enclosed amethyst crystal, think of this sweetly scented candle as the gift that keeps giving.  Drift away to somewhere tropical with our coconut wax, limoncello splash, quince, and blushed prosecco scented Sunshine Spritz Candle from Homesick.

Refresh Your Style 

If you’ve escaped the ‘sweatpants only’ life for at least a day, you probably felt the slightest increase of confidence, put togetherness, or perhaps just got the opportunity to wash and dry your go-to quarantine uniform.  While we’re not suggesting you ditch loosely fitting cotton blend perfection, we’re just saying, you have options while keeping it chic.  For the guys, we’re crushing hard on this Duvin Black Umbrella Shirt and versatile Swim Shorts.  For the ladies, you can never go wrong with Spiritual Gangster’s uplifting graphic tops, and specifically, the Be The Light Muscle Tank, Higher Vibes Crop Tank, or Trust The Universe Chakra Tank.


Intentions often materialize with frequent reminders and accountability.  Wear your mantra on your wrist with this black and gold Be Happy Beaded Bracelet by Brooklyn-based Venessa Arizaga.  Commit to giving back while making a statement with this There’s No Planet B tote.  Each bag is made by female weavers from Bangladesh and each purchase helps them access medical and financial resources to improve their social standing.  

We hope to see you at Frangipani soon and that you join our #FrangiFamily sooner than later.  Don’t forget to pick up your Make Wynwood Fun Again Blue Hat and sport it around Miami or whatever other city you call home.  So, set some big goals, give it your best, and believe that the best is truly yet to come in 2021.
January 15, 2021 — Jennifer Frehling

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