Support Local:  Miami Brands At Frangipani

Support Local: Miami Brands At Frangipani

Is it just us, or do you love how artistic and colorful Miami is year round?  From South Beach, to Sunny Isles, to Wynwood and everywhere in between, Miamians and the brands they create have become more diverse than ever.  Maybe it’s our Latin infusion or the worldly appreciation our residents encompass.  Perhaps it’s the fact that while we’re in mid-November, our temperatures remain in the eighties and all we can think about is freely vacationing again one day.  

Whether you’re our neighbor or love visiting Miami, we hope you choose to buy local and continue supporting our homegrown fashion heros this holiday season.  Below are some of our favorite Miami Brands, who just so happen to have a special dedicated corner in-store and online at Frangipani.  Happy Shopping friends!


A local lifestyle and swimwear brand, designed to showcase creativity and unique views on life, all while making the earth a better place.  All designs are brightly colored, hand-drawn, and made from recycled materials like coconut husks and water bottles- so Miami, we know!  Owner and founder Michael, is committed to giving back and regularly does so through beach clean ups and by providing school uniforms to those in need. Shop Mavrans this season at Frangipani or at his Aventura Mall Pop-up.


We’re obsessed with this dainty, affordable, and easily wearable jewelry line for women. Born and raised in Miami, local owner Lauren Turchin creates high end pieces for less. Every lady on your list will love her collections ranging from celestial, colored enamel, pearl and sea, and even the evil eye jewelry.  From simple pieces to your unique statement pieces, you can find everything you want within Meridian Ave.  


Animal lovers, you are in luck!  We know your favorite furry friend has a personality all their own and artist/ fashion designer Valera Krasavina has found a way to highlight all their uniqueness through custom illustrations, prints and accessories.  Inspired by the quirky personality of her own French Bulldog named Rabby, Valeria has created Fine Frenchie during a hiatus from the fashion industry. An idea that started with a small series of drafts soon blossomed into a full passion project full of different characters and, of course, lots and lots of pink.  Who doesn’t want a custom portrait of their very best friend this season?


We’re a little (okay a lot) sad we won’t get to indulge in Art Basel this year and all of the artist’s beautifully showcased work.  With that being said, Frangipani is proud to house the work of some of the greats, like AMLgMTED; a Miami-based collaborative studio established by Laz Ojalde and Natalie Zlamalova. Their work was recently featured at Levi’s Haus, Miami, FL and the Untitled Art Fair, Art Basel, Miami Beach, FL.  We’re huge fans of their quirky points of view and clever use of unusual and overlooked materials.  Keep an eye out for their WEBSTR stools on your next visit.


Did anyone not yet tap into their inner Picasso this year?  There’s still time while paying homage to 44 of Miami’s favorite street artists such as Aquarela, Claudia la Bianca, Trek 6, Didi, Freaky Kiss, Kazilla, Marcus Blake, Chris Pyrate, Renda Writer, and SkottMarsi, to name a few.  The Wynwood Coloring Book is a delightful escape for the Miami Local or aspiring Wynwood Visitor.  Need another reason to love it?  Owner, Diego, is so big on giving back that when you buy one, they give a textbook for free to a child in need. 


If you’re looking to keep it sexy and smelling delicious, you’ve met your match.  From the packaging, to using wooden wicks for that extra long burn time, we’re obsessed.  This local candle, diffuser, and hand sanitizer purveyor offers scents like: peppermint eucalyptus, bittersweet symphony, and tropical escape as well as their use of all natural fragrances and essential oils.  Name a better gift for anyone on your list… we’ll wait.

We can’t wait to help you shop this year and are confident we have something special for everyone on your list.  Don’t miss the fun at Frangipani during Shop Small Weekend: November 27th-29th, in store at 2239 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127. 

2020 Wynwood Local Holiday Shopping Guide

2020 Wynwood Local Holiday Shopping Guide

Although much of 2020 has been challenging, we refuse to overlook the good in our local Wynwood Community.  Behind every colorfully curated building, are teams of incredible people who keep this slice of our city vibrantly alive for all to enjoy.  

We don’t take for granted the many sacrifices all have had to endure either.  Unfortunately, we’ve seen some of our beloved small business neighbors leave us these past few months.  Yet, we have also welcomed some new, exciting dining and shopping concepts with open arms.  

One thing is for sure.  When we support and celebrate small, local businesses, they get to stay put and provide jobs and provisions for our neighborhoods.  This holiday season, we truly hope you choose to shop and spend within the communities you love.  Here are a handful of our top picks for seasonal (and anytime) shopping in Wynwood.

BASE is a dedicated men's boutique featuring emergent and established brands that marry street culture with utility and fashion.  With over 30 years in Miami beginning on Lincoln Road in 1989, this hip men’s fashion haven is the perfect spot to shop for clothing, footwear, accessories, cologne, and more this year.

MVM is one of our favorite locally owned, women’s clothing stores in the area carrying all the classics with a Wynwood Edge.  If the ladies on your shopping list are into chic, stylish, and designer clothing and accessories, swing by.

Nomad Tribe has been a neighborhood staple for socially conscious, fair-trade, and upcycled clothing and accessories for men and women for years.  We love their Green Nomad Project which gives you 20% off your order when you recycle your older clothing with them.  Gift shopping while preserving the planet sounds good to us!

Basico stands out as one of Wynwood’s best kept secrets for stylish, yet laid back menswear.  Locally owned and operated by Francesco Cianci, this colorful and thoughtfully curated shop has something to offer every man from Miami to Madrid. From board shorts, to dress shirts and head turning streetwear, stop by Basico.

Wynwood Shop is truly a one stop shop for all things Wynwood. Think clothing, accessories, trinkets, and must buys for the unique art lover who plans to visit our beloved neighborhood when the pandemic slows down.  Give your friends and family a little piece of Wynwood with a gift from this store.

Pitusa has been turning heads in Wynwood and beyond since 2010. After it’s female founders decided to create clothing that empowered women, while offering a lighthearted aesthetic that transitions from beach to street, we’ve all come to love the highly recognizable Pitusa look.  Shop this boutique for the fashion forward, ethically conscious, travel loving lady on your list.

Aviator Nation hails from Venice, CA, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome this casually cool spot to our Wynwood neighborhood.  #Sweatslife is not going anywhere in our opinion, and these colorful lifestyle sets for men, women, and kids will carry your favorite giftees from the beach, to the slopes or let’s be real, hanging out with their favorite home quaranteam.

Frangipani is locally owned and operated, and has been serving Wynwood’s ever changing landscape for over 8 years and couldn’t be more appreciative to be a part of it all.  We’ve recently stocked up on new clothing, candles, ornaments, accessories, and self care products galore.  Come shop with us this holiday season for thoughtfully curated, globally conscious gifts for women, men, children and housewares this holiday season.

We hope you’ll join us at Frangipani and at many of our favorite local small businesses around Wynwood during Shop Small Weekend, November 27th-29th.  

November 09, 2020 — Jennifer Frehling
Back to School Supplies List for 2020

Back to School Supplies List for 2020

It's time to start searching for a back to school supplies list for 2020! You might be wondering what that even looks like. Most kids started the school year virtually, which is no easy experience, neither for kids or their parents. There are so many issues to keep track of like wifi difficulties, whether or not your child can see and hear their teacher, and maintaining focus among many others. The most glaring issue of them all is finding the right back to school supplies list for the 2020 school year. We know it can be difficult figuring all of this out on your own, so we've put together a list of back to school tips and essentials to relieve some of that anxiety.

At Frangipani, we want to help you put the fun into school, with playful & colorful supplies and accessories to brighten your student's day.  Here are some tips and supplies from us: 

1.Take Lots of Notes!

Best Kids Notebooks and Planners

Composition Books from Mr. Boddington's Studio come in a variety of patterns to brighten up your child's day.  Snakes, ice cream, mermaids, how to decide?  Pick up one for each class!  These notebooks are made in the USA, with a perfect binding of wide ruled pages

Sustainable Seltzer Goods Pen

The 7 Year Pen from Seltzer Goods was designed to keep plastic out of landfills and to make us smile!  One pen holds enough ink to write a line 4 to 5 kilometers long, and it's refillable!  So we can feel good about all those doodles we make!

2. Stay organized and don't forget anything

Best Academic Agendas 2020

Bando academic agendas are filled with fun, with stickers, cool art, compliments, a postcard, and more. In addition, the planners cover August 2020 through December 2021 to get your child through this school year and into the next.

3. Be ready to get up and go-school could switch to in person anytime!

Best Kids Backpacks 2020

Backpacks from State Bags are cool and will keep our kids organized and ready for in-person learning.  Each bag includes a protective laptop sleeve, outer pockets for quick access items, side pockets for water bottles, and plenty of room for lots of books.  In addition, we can feel good about carrying a State backpack because they give back to American schoolchildren in need all year long through their program, Carry for a Cause.

Make this school year fun and productive!  Shop Frangipani and add some color to your kid's world with products that we can all feel good about. Finally, now you have your back to school supplies list for 2020! Now your little valedictorian is set to take on the school year with confidence!

September 14, 2020 — Elizabeth Sander
5 Best Ways Relieve Stress in 2020

5 Best Ways Relieve Stress in 2020

Let’s be honest, life has been a bit of a roller coaster in 2020. We've experienced a great deal of disruption in our normal lives, causing unease for most of us, and making it difficult to decompress and find ways to cope with stress. However, it is crucial, now more than ever, to find ways to relax and ease our minds of the many adversities that we've faced in 2020.

With this in mind, we've put together a list of the 5 best ways to relieve stress in 2020, along with a few products that will help you find some relief from the stress, anxiety, and tension of the seemingly new norm.

1. Yoga

5 Best Ways Relieve Stress in 2020: 1 Yoga

One of our favorite fitness and mental health practices is yoga. Not only is yoga an amazing stress reliever, it's something that can be done in the comfort of your own home. In case you might need a little guidance, some of the best local Miami yoga studios have classes available online.  In fact, one of our favorite classes is Ahana Yoga's Ahana Now, offering sessions at any time for just $19.99 per month or $199 a year. Now that you have an amazing class to attend, all you need is the right comfy yoga gear. Luckily for you we have a great selection from yoga lifestyle brand Spiritual Gangster, which donates a portion of its proceeds to Feeding America, Cambodian Children's Fund, Make-A-Wish and Phoenix Children's Hospital. 

2. Meditate

5 Best Ways Relieve Stress in 2020: 2 Meditate

Granted mediation on its own is self healing, you can make your practice more alert and wakeful when you're mindfully communicating with nature. In your free time take a blanket to a park, beach, or just your backyard and enjoy your enhanced sense of relaxation.  Empty your mind. Bring a snack. It helps!

3. Journal

5 Best Ways Relieve Stress in 2020: 3 Journal

Though there are many types of journaling methods that you can do to express your thoughts, our current favorite is gratitude journaling.  If you're feeling thankful, write it down. It's great for your mental health. We find that focusing on the positive pushes away the negative.  Each day write about 5 things that you are grateful for.  It can be as simple as the perfect cup of coffee. Our collection of journals are each unique in their own right! So, whether you're wanting to express your gratitude or simply jot down some bad ideas, we've got you covered.

4. Read

5 Best Ways Relieve Stress in 2020: 4 Read

An interesting read that we've been into is 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World, by Elif Shafak. Our current societal climate has caused many people to feel isolated. As well documented, reading has been known to put our brains into a state similar to meditation. Furthermore, reading allows us to put ourselves in someone else's shoes granting us a new interpretation of reality. We offer a great variety of books ranging from political and self growth literature to satirical literature and coloring books!

5. Aromatherapy 

5 Best Ways Relieve Stress in 2020: 5 Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural elements to promote health and well-being. The list of health benefits are seemingly endless. Also, it's always nice to take in a deep breath of fresh and 'smell-good' air. Many of the fragrances in our store are made of natural products, as we're conscious of their health and environmental benefits!  In addition, we also carry saches that are filled with natural ingredients to give your clothes a wonderful fragrance.

Let's tackle this journey together. Now that you have the 5 best ways to relieve stress in 2020, give a few of these a try and comment on our post with your biggest takeaway from your experience. Share our blog post with a friend, and let's take on the rest of 2020 together, stress free! :)

September 07, 2020 — Jennifer Frehling
Getting To Know Mishky:  Beautiful Jewelry Handmade In Colombia

Getting To Know Mishky: Beautiful Jewelry Handmade In Colombia

For Frangipani’s second blog feature on Colombian designers, I spoke to Tita Navia, founder and president of Mishky, a line of beautiful beaded jewelry made by artisans in Colombia. 

Navia has always believed in the uniqueness of Colombian artisanship, and from the beginning she knew she wanted to export Mishky’s products on a global scale. “We didn’t start our Colombian branch just for the people, we started [it] for the world,” Navia explained. “In the beginning we wanted to export… and to expand to the markets in the US and Europe. So we started participating in trade shows in New York, and in our third year, we went to Paris.” Their first trade shows in Paris weren’t immediately a hit, but in a short amount of time, Mishky was able to refine the brand and their marketing strategy, and they became quite successful. “The first couple years were finding ourselves... but then when we figured that out and we consolidated the designs, it was great, the reception was very good.”

It was the discovery of Mishky’s true design core that ultimately led to their success as a business (that and their dedication to fair labor - but we’ll get to that later). “Happy, friendly and colorful” are the three words in which Mishky finds inspiration. Navia explained that they “play with those variables all the time. Everything here is so full of life and energetic, so we try to reflect all that in our collections.” The greatest thing about Colombia is that there is a constant source of great inspiration everywhere you turn. “There’s always nature, and there’s alway color. Because we have the Pacific Ocean, we have the Atlantic Ocean, we live surrounded by nature all the time, and these people live in different places and develop their own things that come from nature, so nature is a part of our DNA.” That, coupled with Colombia’s artisanal heritage, helps ensure that Mishky always has new and creative designs. Navia explained how necessary it is to really look around and observe the other artisans in Colombia, even just in town or on the streets. “In Colombia, you see amazing things, so we look at that all the time.”

And Mishky is a brand like any other; they have collections for every season, including Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter and Holiday. But with a strong base in colorful designs, Navia joked that it can be a bit frustrating when Fall/Winter collections come around. “We’re more of a summer line, so we always complain about Fall/Winter like ‘Ugh, now we have to make our colors a bit darker.’” Although the jewelry on Mishky’s website still exhibits beautiful colors for Fall/Winter, they may be a bit subdued. But there is one saving grace… “there are always resorts!”

One of the greatest things about Mishky, besides their beautiful and colorful jewelry, is their dedication to fair compensation and constant support for their workers. Mishky has developed a program called “My Mom for Me,” and it is another reason Frangipani loves the brand so much - there is so much detailed work going into each piece of merchandise, but there is also so much good coming back to the artisans from each purchase. 

When Mishky was initially looking for workers in Colombia, Navia tried to provide work “in areas where the opportunities for work are not that great.” Shortly thereafter, the My Mom for Me program was created.  It has been a great way to uplift women in Colombian communities and provide jobs which real mothers can complete in their own homes. “What [this program] means is that the mother has the opportunity– we usually work with mothers, often single mothers– and with us they have the opportunity to be able to work from home.” And not only do these mothers work from home, they are also given flexible working hours to schedule themselves when it best suits them: “the rules we have are very simple, they have to work at least four hours a day, which is half-time, and then from four hours, they can decide if they want to work five, six or up to eight…. They can work whenever it fits them better– they can take their children to school, they can make lunch, they can work at night a little bit.” The most important thing is that these women are able to be mothers and artisans without too challenging an overlap of the two; it’s a sustainable career for young mothers, a rare find in our current working world.

Now of course, with such a unique program allowing artisans to work out of the comfort of their own homes, some additional due diligence is necessary to ensure that the workers have safe and comfortable working environments. Navia has been adamant that this could not be overlooked, in order to sustain Mishky’s commitment to their employees and fair labor. This due diligence means having the artisans’ eyes checked and paying for glasses if needed, sending appropriate tools to help the workers be more efficient and just checking in with them on a regular basis in a casual way. “We say like ‘Hey, how are you working? Where are you working?’... and we try to also learn with them what is more comfortable, so that they have good conditions working at home.” Mishky also helps them adjust things as subtle as lighting or seat position, just another way to ensure their workers are comfortable and content.

And what makes Mishky even more unique and meaningful? Their extensive training program which is dedicated to helping women who may never have beaded before, but are eager to try. “With us they become artisans; they learn something new.” And although some of the women who Mishky trains go off and start their own small businesses, or copy some of Mishky’s designs, Navia says it doesn’t bother her and that it’s okay. Because at the end of the day, some of the women stay with Mishky and move up the ladder themselves, which is as meaningful as anything. “We have three cases of those mothers that were able to be with their kids and work from home when they were growing up, and now that the kids are going to college and they’re grown up taking care of themselves, these women have been able to grow within the company… Those ladies are amazing, and I’m proud of these people who now have managerial skills, and they have been able to be successful with us.”

It’s a mark of true success in my mind when a company offers their workers the ability to learn and move up in positions. As Navia put it, “that has been one of the things that has given me the most satisfaction, being able to find these women and give them the opportunity to fly higher.” Mishky proves itself to be yet another purchase you can feel good about, and Frangipani is proud to sell their products.

On a different note, when the Covid-19 pandemic came up in conversation, I was surprised to hear that Mishky had fared quite well, one might say they did even more than just ‘survive’ during the pandemic, because with new creative collections and many of their workers already working from home, Mishky was able to find ways to keep their workers working, and sales from their online store didn’t dwindle. During the quarantine, the brand released a ‘Solidarity’ bracelet collection in which they took words and phrases such as ‘courage,’ ‘hope’ and  ‘resilience’ and had their artisans bead those words into the bracelets to spread good vibes in Mishky’s community. And then, when they began to reopen again, Mishky came out with their Rainbow collection which “was like the light after the storm.” Just in time for pride month, these colorful pieces are fun, whimsical and beautiful - a fantastic way to show your pride.

On these new designs, Navia explained that “The effort that we did to keep relevant to our customers and our designs, was really special,” and it made them feel good not only to be able to pay their workers in a time of need, but also to contribute hopefully to the overall emotional wellbeing of the community. 

So, what’s next for the brand? Navia says, “I just hope now that when I retire, I will have somebody to continue the company and take it to the next level - that’s my hope now. That’s what I’m looking for - someone to continue with Mishky.” I think it’s safe to say the past of Mishky has been laid out well enough to prepare it for a bright future. 

August 24, 2020 — Elizabeth Sander
Susu Accessories: Mochilla Bags Handmade by Wayuu Knitters

Susu Accessories: Mochilla Bags Handmade by Wayuu Knitters

At Frangipani, one of our most beloved Colombian brands is Susu Accessories. We love being a part of their incredible business and mission (and the beautiful bags, of course!). As a part of our blog’s mini-series on Frangipani’s Colombian brands, I had the opportunity to interview Laura McMahon, one of the partners of Susu Accessories. She and I spoke last week about Susu, the Wayúu artisans behind the bags, and their dedication to being fair trade. Read on to learn about this amazing organization, and how they became a worldwide brand.

Susu Accessories began about eight years ago, when the founders Zulima Anaya and Nadia Roberts decided that they had to get the beautiful hand-knitted bags of the Wayúu tribe of La Guajira, Colombia into the world. About a year later, Laura McMahon joined them, a cousin to one of the founders and a lover of Susu’s mission. McMahon and her cousin grew up around the Wayúu tribe, so they knew their beautiful designs since childhood. When they decided they would like to see some of these products in the US fashion market, the first goal was to contact the tribe and to gain their trust. “Working with an indigenous community, it’s not like you can just call and say ‘Hey, can I have 50 bags made and have them shipped to you- it’s not like that” she continued, citing how they had contact with a friend in Colombia with Wayúu family who helped them reach the community. “[The Wayúu] need to know you; they need to trust you. For them it’s about respect. It’s a completely different way of handling business - having someone who was a part of the community was very helpful.”

At first they began with only original Wayúu designs, but as they moved forward, they realized they could create their own designs for the Wayúu knitters by partnering with different Colombian (and later, international) designers. When choosing those designers, they must be just as committed to Susu’s mission as the founders. “It’s about staying true to the Wayúu roots and being able to showcase what they do.”

The Wayúu designs are not only beautiful, but incredibly unique and complex in their nature. “The way that the Wayúu design, the way that they get inspired, is by everything that surrounds them.” Examples include designs based on the head of a fly or even the stripes of a cow. But how does Susu keep this in mind when creating designs for the bags? “We create our own Susu design, but in consultation with them; they always have some kind of Wayúu base… we don’t want to lose the Wayúu soul.” Another way in which Susu is able to accomplish this is by leaving the knitters free to design the bottoms of each bag. McMahon said “our knitters are very specialized, and they can replicate a design very well, but all of the bottoms of the bags are free for them to design. So every single bag is going to have a different bottom, and that’s the inspiration of the knitter who made it. It’s almost like a signature; that’s where you get the information about the knitter.”

Essential to Susu Accessories is being a fair-trade certified organization, and they are dedicated to this mission. At the moment, Susu works “directly with the 350 women of the Wayúu tribe ; they’re all women heads of households. [Susu] provides them with materials, training, and they can work at their own pace… By working with Susu they are able to provide for their families, get something stable and get paid fair wages.” I can tell how proud McMahon is of being able to say this; it’s another reason that so many of Susu’s employees are dedicated to the mission. Fair-trade is something you can feel good about on every level, from the employer to the employee to the manufacturer and the consumer. 

But there’s still many companies to be wary of, according to McMahon. “It’s incredible to see how many companies claim to be fair trade and they’re not.” In order to know that a company is fair trade, McMahon said that they really have to be certified. Susu Accessories is “fair trade certified by Chicago Fair-Trade,” McMahon stated. She then continued, “that tells you that there’s no child labor, that they pay fair wages, that what you do is not hurting the environment and that you’re providing liveable, dignified jobs for the artisans who make the products.” Fair-trade products can be more expensive to produce, between transportation and manufacturing costs and paying workers fairly.  Susu Accessories stands out as one brand that has actually done the work of being fair-trade certified and sticking to it. “There’s gotta be a point in which you can’t compromise safety or people’s livelihoods just to make a buck.”

Now, as Frangipani shoppers must know, Susu bags are not inexpensive. They can retail for upwards of $300 a bag. I imagined this must come with some marketing challenges, especially with fast fashion running rampant on the global retail market. And, in the last eight years, Susu’s business has grown on a colossal scale, selling bags around the world (their biggest market currently is China, where consumers want as many unique things as they can get their hands on, and as McMahon told me, there are many clients that even have collections of Susu bags).  McMahon adds, “I am more than happy, willing, excited when someone wants to know about our process and why our bags are priced the way they are. ‘Where is all that coming from?’ And ‘Why are our bags special?’ I could talk about it for hours. But I’m not in the business of convincing someone that, ‘You should pay this.’ You need to actually want it and get it.” Because as she continued, “every single person is not going to be our customer. Our customers are people who care about fair trade, who love beautiful unique things, who enjoy color. It’s not for everybody and that’s okay.” 

Does this remind anyone else of Frangipani’s store and client base? Probably because Frangipani shares a similar love for color, uniqueness and sustainable and fair-trade merchandise. And as McMahon stated beautifully,  when you make the commitment- I mean these are real, human lives that are behind it- you can’t just sell out. That’s why we’ve been successful with it; that’s why people keep coming back, because they know.” It’s with this mindset and dedication to fair trade that Susu has been successful even with fast fashion at every turn. There are clients out there who believe in the mission as Susu does and want to support it, and this goes for Frangipani’s community as well.

McMahon ended our conversation with an anecdote from her early days with Susu. They take a trip every year or so to visit the Wayúu and hold a few days of festivities for their knitters to come and take part in. These conferences are held out of the house of a matriarch of the Wayúu tribe, Señora Memya, as she has been a huge part in connecting the Wayúu with Susu. They play ice-breaker games together to increase comfort and friendliness, and they’ll show the attendees if Susu has been showcased in the media and just catch up on life in general. But in order to get to La Guajira, it can take up to twenty hours in the car from the nearest airport. And these car rides aren’t for the faint of heart, as they go right through the desert and some of the most desolate poverty in the world. There are so many people in need, including many of the Wayúu, which is why Susu brings groceries and meals for their time with the knitters each year.  

And on one of the first of these trips that McMahon took, they had leftover groceries at the end of the events, so they asked Señora Memeya to give them to the knitters who needed it most. She responded, “‘Listen, take it back with you, because there’s need here, but there’s desperation on your way back.’” After a long pause, McMahon continued, “we’re talking about people who are not doing great to begin with, and for this woman and these people to say, ‘You know what? We’re good. Just take it back and distribute it to all those other people who don’t have at least this opportunity. We’re working with you guys, and we’ll be fine.’ It just shows you their nature.”

Even hearing this myself I was hooked; with brands like Susu doing their part to be fair-trade and making beautiful objects, and stores like Frangipani carrying these items, we have the opportunity to buy more sustainable and ethical products, and we should take it. That doesn’t necessarily mean buying more products or spending more money, but perhaps saving for those pieces that you can feel good about that will last you a long time. As a soon-to-be graduating college student, I know that if I want to purchase products that are better for the world and the people living in it, I have to save up or wait until there is a sale, but I want to do that to support artisans like the Wayúu, who need all that they can get, and companies who are, in-turn, helping them. For as McMahon said about her story as our conversation came to a close, “once you see that, you’re not into fast fashion anymore… it’s not even important. It’s not what it’s about.”

August 07, 2020 — Elizabeth Sander
It's A Blue Story

It's A Blue Story

No we're not feeling blue...We just love the color blue!  So we're taking you on a quick little tour around Frangipani to create a blue story board.  Check out some fun products in the store now.

From top left corner moving clockwise:

1. Banana Baseball Cap from Mavrans.  Reminiscing about the last Art Basel?  Add a little fun to your day with this cobalt blue, cotton baseball cap embroidered with a little yellow banana.  $29

2. Leisure T-shirt from Duvin Design Co.  Remind yourself to take it easy in this soft and comfy cotton tee. $26.50

3. Cobalt Leather Star Pillow from Molly M Designs.  Add the unexpected to a bed  or sofa with this handmade, laser-cut pillow.  In-store only.  $75

4. The Ana sunglasses from Komono.  Designed in Belgium with fashion and quality in mind.  $69.95

5. Find Your Artistic Voice, by Lisa Congdon.  Packed full of tips to get your creativity going. $18.95

6. Parrot Socks from Duvin.  Need we say more? In-store only.  $12

7. Side Horizon Swim Short from Duvin.  For the pool or the beach. $64

8. Water Glass and Wine Glass from British Colour Standard. $16 and $20

9. Ball Blue Towel from Futah.  Cotton towel, machine washable, designed in Portugal for beach or pool. $45.

Frangipani’s 19 essentials for any beach-destined road-trip!

Frangipani’s 19 essentials for any beach-destined road-trip!

Written by Elizabeth Sander
Hotels in Florida have officially reopened! As of June 1st many ‘stays’ around the state have done their part to safely welcome visitors. In need of a road trip? The good news is Frangipani has all the essentials for the relaxing beach vacation that we’ve all been dreaming of this quarantine. 
A trip from Miami to Sanibel Island is only a little under three hours in the car, and trust me, it’ll be worth it. Sanibel Island makes for some amazing family-centric fun. From amazing resorts such as the Sanibel Inn or the Sundial Beach Resort and Spa, to beautiful beaches, wildlife refuges and shells galore- Sanibel Island is practically begging you to take this trip. And the best part? Frangipani has something for every member of the family - so you can all join in on this family-style weekend getaway!
Here’s our curated selection of 19 essentials for every beach vacation:
Luna Brisa Blanket
Feel like making a statement? This beach blanket will have all eyes on you and your family when you stroll in with this gorgeously-designed print in-hand. Made in San Francisco and hand-woven in Mexico, this is a unique piece you won’t want to leave the hotel-room without!
Spiritual Gangster Swimsuits
If you’re going on a beach vacation, it’s silly not to buy a new bathing suit, right? Right! So look no further than these seriously vibing prints from Spiritual Gangster. They come in a simple one-piece fit that is universally flattering, with beautiful details such as the scoop back and halter neckline.
Hitch Fedora
Fedoras are back! Although you may be skeptical, one look at yourself in the mirror rocking this breezy straw hat, and you’ll be convinced. This Fedora by Hitch is the perfect hat for summer; it has enough shade to avoid a sunburned face, and the versatility to transition from beach to dinner - enough said.
Supergoop Sunscreen
A trip to the beach is not complete without? Sunscreen, of course! And Supergoop is the new hit-destination for a skin protectant that is clean and won’t cause breakouts. Specifically formulated to be easy on skin, while maintaining its efficacy, this is certainly the sunscreen to buy this summer season.
Share With Sundress
Doubling as a swimsuit cover-up, this dress, with a tasteful vintage twist, is perfect for your beach-day. Plus, you can even take the dress to dinner with a chic pullover and sandals!
The Jacksons Jute Tote Bag
As any beachgoer and parent knows, a tote is a must-have beach item. Not only is this tote bag stylish and fun, it’s also 100% plant-based and made out of jute fiber. And to make things better, this bag is the product of an initiative to empower women and help overcome poverty.
Now who says women get to have all the fun? Frangipani has a great line of menswear to spruce up any man’s vacation-wardrobe, and he’ll love the selection, we promise!
Beach Dweller Swim Short
Duvin makes the best swim short - as coined on Frangipani’s website “Duvin makes the official uniform for people who hate uniforms,” and this print totally fits the bill. These shorts are fully water-resistant and have 4-way stretch, plus they double as leisure shorts for when swimming isn’t on the agenda.
Beach Dweller Button Up Shirt
And because matching is totally in, Duvin’s button up shirt is the perfect top to pair with these breezy new trunks. But his shirt’s colorful and effortlessly cool vertical stripe pattern is also incredibly versatile, giving any man infinite styling options. Frangipani loves pieces that multitask; it’s more ethical, and fun!
Flamingo Baseball Cap
We’re absolutely loving Duvin this season, and they also sell a totally ~vibey~ Flamingo Baseball cap. It’s well-made, practical and will have you loving that summer sun (without the risk of a burn). 
Slowtide Towel
Every beachgoer needs a towel, and the Hina Beach Towel is a must! It features a hanging loop for optimal drying, and its print is a photograph taken by the photographer Alana Spencer, calling forth images of endless palm trees. Its manufacturer, Slowtide, partners with artists and photographers to curate the most unique prints for their products, and this model does not fall short of that descriptor.
ESSNTLS Flip Flops
Sold in three colors, these flip flops by Indosole are the beach footwear every guy should be sporting. Indosole’s dedication to natural materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes are only the first reason to grab a pair of these men’s sandals. They’re also incredibly comfy with recycled tire soles, embedded arch support and a soft nylon toe thong. As the name suggests, they’re essentials.
Clandestina XL Tote 
Made of recycled materials, each tote bag sold by Clandestina is one-of-a-kind, and huge. With this roomy tote sporting two outside pockets, and the Jackson’s Jute Tote Bag, you will have all the storage space your family needs to have a great beach day!
And speaking of family, you can’t forget the kiddos! Frangipani has a fun selection of kidswear and merchandise, so the whole family can join in on the beach-prep shopping.
Octopus Swim Trunks
Designed in Stockholm, this pair of swim trunks from OAS kidswear is made of a fast-drying microfiber that optimizes comfort for all-day play on the beach or by the pool. Plus it has an interior mesh lining and a stay-in-place waistline; no slip-ups here! 
Local Baseball Cap
Made in LA, this lightweight mesh baseball cap with a metallic silk-screened motif is the perfect sun-safe hat for any child aged 4-10. And for a road trip within the state of Florida, the ‘Local’ logo is right at home!
Color Block Backpack
Couldn’t fit everything in mom and dad’s roomy totes? No worries, it happens! Thankfully, Frangipani offers a large selection of cool kids backpacks, so they can pack some of their own clothes and toys. This model from State also doubles as a great school backpack once Autumn rolls back around; it comfortably fits a laptop, school folders and S’well water bottle.
Bamboo Sand Play Set
Made with FSC-Certified bamboo fiber, this pail and shovel set will have any child excited for a day of beach play! Each piece in this play set is designed with a specific animal in mind; from the turtle sifter to the manta ray shovel, this set will inspire creative play in the sand all-day long.
Jungle Mark Mat
Now, we know that a vacation with the whole family can be difficult at times, which is why Frangipani carries a diverse selection of fun activities for kids to complete on the road, at the beach, or even in a restaurant. With this portable markmat, kids can have lots of restaurant fun, leaving the adults some much-needed time to enjoy a delicious post-beach day meal.
XL Street Art Coloring Poster
This poster, crafted by the french manufacturer Omy, is a great way to encourage some down-time creativity. Colorable on the floor or hanging on the wall, this poster will certainly give kids something to do in the in-between moments of your beach-stay.
Art Legends Alphabet
We know that no road-trip is complete without some educational reading, so look no further than this Alphabet book. Featuring an A-Z list of some of history’s greatest artists, your kids will not only learn the alphabet, but also the backgrounds of art icons that our world wouldn’t be the same without. And with a portion of the proceeds donated to UNICEF, a purchase of this book proves even more worthwhile!
Hopefully by this point I’ve inspired each of you to take that well-deserved beach road-trip from Miami to Sanibel Island! And if you do decide to make the journey, don’t forget to stop by Frangipani to pick up some of these curated essentials. Now go forth and sunbathe; the beach is calling!

June 17, 2020 — Elizabeth Sander
How to Spend a Safe and Socially-Distanced Day in Wynwood, Miami

How to Spend a Safe and Socially-Distanced Day in Wynwood, Miami

Wynwood, Miami is fondly known as the home of the Wynwood Walls, showcasing street art from renowned artists around the globe. But there’s much more to this thriving neighborhood than simply the art scene. From vibey coffee shops, to candle-making classes, Wynwood is the perfect place to take that first socially-distanced outing and enjoy shopping at small businesses as they reopen. Look no further than this detailed guide to find the best way to spend a day in the district in which Frangipani Miami calls home.



  Panther Coffee

Looking for a way to kickstart the day? Panther Coffee is your answer! As the flagship of this specialty coffee retailer, Panther Coffee’s Wynwood location provides a great way to shake off your morning drowsiness and embrace the day. Opened in the Fall of 2010, Panther Coffee sources some of the finest coffees from across the world and seeks mutually beneficial partnerships for all their wholesale and retail producers. Not sure what to order? I suggest the cold brew with a splash of almond milk, or a cheddar, egg, and bacon biscuit sandwich (if you ran out of the house before grabbing a bite, of course). Masks are required to enter and order, but you’re free to remove them once sitting outside with a front row seat to watch Wynwood come alive for the day. 



Wynwood Walls

If Wynwood is known for anything, it’s the beautifully painted and delightfully colorful walls found across the neighborhood. Definitely not a stop to skip! Hard to do that though, because they are everywhere.  These walls have been painted by artists from across the world and have a history of inspiring creative passion. Before the Wynwood Walls came to be, these warehouses may not have looked like much to any old passerby, but to an artist, they were made up of expansive canvases on which to showcase their artistry. ‘Inspirational’ is only a minimal description; you’ll have to see them to really get a feel for the beating creative heart of Wynwood. And don’t worry, with a mask and a great pair of sunnies, a self-guided tour of the walls is a great way to safely distance from others and enjoy some time outdoors.  We suggest starting at the corner of NW 2nd Avenue and 26th Street.


 Candle Land Miami

Next up is Candle Land Miami. Upon entering this brand new scent haven, patrons are greeted with ubiquitous millennial pink walls and decor that is both aesthetically pleasing and inviting. This candle-making studio is a great way to spend an hour choosing between a myriad of scents and beautiful candle-jars, all from a safe distance. Customers simply have to wear a mask (cuteness optional but encouraged), and capacity is limited, so you can safely enjoy making your very own personalized candle on the spot. Your future self will thank you when your house fills with luscious scents- all customized to your liking. Hopefully by now you’ve worked up an appetite candle-designing, because lunch at a delicious Wynwood cafe awaits.



Love Life Cafe 

Did someone say plant-based? I’m not sure about you, but as a new vegetarian “The best veggie burger in America” seems pretty enticing. Whether you’re vegetarian or not, there’s something on the menu at this plant-based establishment that anyone’s taste buds can appreciate. From the BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Sandwich, to The Miami Breakfast, you’ll leave satisfied. Love Life Cafe asks that you wear a mask upon entry and ordering and takes care of all other safety precautions. Think: incredibly sparse tables in a giant warehouse, with a constant airflow and staff cleaning every surface between seatings. They also have continued their online orders and pickup, so customers can take their meals to a location that better suits their preferences. 

Now, who’s ready to shop? These two Wynwood stops have got you covered with all your Summer essentials.



BASE Retail

If BASE Retail didn’t catch your eye immediately upon entry, you’re probably still dreaming about that delicious lunch- or you need to go grab another espresso at Panther! The leading menswear store in Miami, BASE Wynwood features an effortlessly cool, industrial interior with a wide array of merchandise from clothing to sneakers, which are all incredibly on-trend. Have you been seeing those Veja sneakers everywhere and want to grab a pair? Check out their wide variety at the Wynwood location, along with their many other cult classics and cross-over labels. 



Frangipani Miami 

A trip to Wynwood wouldn’t be complete without popping your head into Frangipani, a concept store featuring a playful, bright interior and sustainable brands. Let the crisp air and sweet scent draw you into this shopping oasis and imagine outfitting your next getaway- even if that means brunch. You can feel good about any item purchased in this store, seeing as Frangipani sources brands that give back to their community while and focus on showcasing smaller brands. A small business that supports other small businesses? Doesn’t get more rewarding than that. Chances are, you’ll leave Frangipani with an edgy new graphic tee, gorgeous jewelry, or some positively un-average stationery. We may not be entertaining as often during this pandemic, but that doesn’t mean your dining table has to be subject to a life of boredom. From bamboo dinner plates, to woven planters, Frangipani Miami will take your current set-up and spruce it up for the summer months to come.



Dasher and Crank

There’s no better way to end a successful day in Wynwood than at Dasher and Crank, an ice cream shop located at the neighborhood’s heart. Any ice cream establishment that boasts 225 original flavors in their first year of operation doesn’t seem like one you can miss, plus, who can resist the allure of a cool and drippy ice cream on a warm summer evening anyway? Dasher and Crank certainly has a flavor for every palate! If you’re feeling adventurous, be sure to try the Garam Masala Curry ice cream with a vegan base. Perhaps you’d prefer Dasher and Crank’s most popular flavor, the Ube. Personally, in the spirit of Miami, I’d go with the Salty Beach, because coconut cream, sea salt and graham cracker crumbs? Mouthwatering doesn’t even begin to describe it.

A day such as this in Wynwood is hard not to enjoy. It’s time to take a day for you and your favorite post-quarantine crew while safely enjoying all the sights and small businesses Wynwood has to offer. Spending a fun day amongst these establishments will go a long way for the district’s future. So hop to it, and I’ll see you back here in a week or two for another blog post, this time featuring some of Frangipani’s summer-ready must-haves!

Written by Elizabeth Sander

June 04, 2020 — Elizabeth Sander
WFH? Upgrade Your Home Work Space

WFH? Upgrade Your Home Work Space

 Working from home? Update your desk with some new pieces from Frangipani.  

We carry a range of journals, desk pads, agendas, laptop sleeves, pens and pencils, and accessories. 

May 12, 2020 — Jennifer Frehling