Celebrate Earth Day with Sustainable En Shalla

Celebrate Earth Day with Sustainable En Shalla

It’s no secret that at Frangipani we love all things funky, fresh, and fun. It makes us what we are! That’s why today we want to highlight a favorite brand that embodies these three attributes perfectly: En Shalla!

En Shalla is an Anglo-Moroccan brand that focuses on high end accessories, blending North African art with modern fashion. And yes, they are as cool as they sound! They are based in Marrakech where all their products are handmade by local female artisans, and they’ve even adopted some of the Moroccan society’s values. For example, they make sure to use recycled materials during production whenever possible, as most people in Marrakech live on a low income and are very careful to reuse things so that nothing ever goes to waste. En Shalla’s founders found this way of life very refreshing, especially being from London where they were used to a very western, materialistic mindset and people constantly buying new products excessively. 

En Shalla even started working on a project four years ago called Food Bag Foundation where they use their embroidering techniques on recycled food bags made in and out of Marrakech. They work with industrial sized bags of rice, couscous, flour, and other commodities. Using this technique, where they weave different materials through a square grid, they are able to create beautiful designs and patterns in a pixel-like format – and create even less waste! To keep the bags’ original essence, the material is turned inside out so that the original design is still seen from the inside. They say this adds a sense of ~romance~ to the story, and I definitely agree! So poetic.

Here are some of our favorite En Shalla bags that you can find at Frangipani today!

Pastel Recycled Bag


This colorful, fun bag is one of our absolute favorites in the whole store! The size makes it perfect to use as an overnight bag or to take to the beach, and the versatile straps make it so comfortable to hold. Not to mention the amazing pom poms which create a playful energy that you’ll want to take everywhere with you.

Green Albers Bag


This bag, inspired by Josef Albers, is one of the very special bags from the Food Bag Foundation, made from a recycled bag of rice! This bag is so special and you can definitely tell it was made with so much love. Also, guess what… it’s on sale! Run, don’t walk to snag it now before it sells out!

Red and Yellow Envelope Clutch


This clutch is so unique and delicately made! I’ve honestly never seen anything like it. The details on it are next level and the craftsmanship is so special. It’s so fun and will definitely tie any outfit together. Buy it now and use it the next time you meet your girls for some drinks! But warning, they will most definitely want to borrow it every weekend!


April 20, 2022 — Cristina Pelaez
Sustainability in Action!

Sustainability in Action!

Here at Frangipani, we are very conscious about the brands we offer and always make sure that their values align with ours. One thing we are passionate about is sustainability. We know the impact we have on this planet and truly do our best to make it a positive one. We make sure to do our part by providing sustainable product lines for our customers so that you, too, can feel empowered to make a difference through your shopping and consumption habits. We’re proud to say that over 50% of our store’s products are friendly towards our planet’s wellbeing; made with reused or sustainably sourced materials. Here are some of our favorite sustainable product lines that you can browse online or at our funky, fresh, and fun location in Wynwood:



One of our most popular brands, Mavrans, prides itself on its sustainability… as it should! Mavrans truly goes so far to make its products entirely eco friendly while also super fun, colorful, and inclusive. Mavrans' clothing is made from recycled plastic bottles that would normally take 450 years to decompose (can you imagine?!) and coconut husks which make the garments soft and breathable. Only the exact amount necessary of fabric is printed in order to create minimal waste during their manufacturing process. Most importantly, Mavrans fabrics are made without any water! We’ve carried Mavrans in our store for years and their creative solutions to common waste problems in the fashion industry never fail to amaze me. And it’s no wonder their products are a fan favorite.  Drop by the store and take a look for yourself to see how truly awesome and unique all of their designs are.

The Jacksons


The Jacksons is a London based handbag brand that also cares deeply about our planet and the people who inhabit it. They focus on sustainability through their materials, production, brand development, practices, and on top of that, they are also fair trade! Their code of ethics truly inspirational! They state on their website, “these codes cannot be an add-on, we believe strongly that it needs to be woven into our lives so that it becomes second nature to us all.” We are so proud to carry their products at Frangipani! Not to mention the fact that their bags are so fun and practical. We personally love using them on an everyday basis, but they also make great beach bags and the larger size can easily be used as a weekend bag for all your getaway essentials.

Salt + Umber


Salt + Umber is one of the few shoe brands that we carry at Frangipani. On top of being completely spectacular and the perfect complement to any outfit, they also have a very strong focus on sustainability, quality, and accessibility. They use small batch, sustainable manufacturing processes and recycled materials all the way down to their packaging and tags. They recently were able to even cut back 50% of their carbon footprint! How amazing is that? The list of sustainable practices they use throughout their business goes on and on, and includes things like minimalistic packaging, made-to-order production, raw materials, and computer generated samples. These shoes are one of our more limited products so don’t hesitate to stop by and try on a few pairs! I trust you’re going to fall in love.

We hope you care about taking care of our planet, our only home, as much as we do! Our store and our products are here to complement your life as best as they can, not only by making you feel more fun and beautiful, but also by assuring you that it’s possible to make a difference in the world through the small actions we take everyday. How cool is it that we can have fun and do things that we love, like go shopping (duh!), while also creating a positive impact at the same time. We’re here in Wynwood everyday, excited to help you out in picking the right items to take home and answering any questions you might have. See you soon!

Setting A Spring Table

Setting A Spring Table

Spring has sprung, and what better way to transition with the seasons than with a fresh and fun dinner party? Hosting any kind of meal at home is already a special and intimate experience, and even more so when it’s in celebration of life! and warmth! and new beginnings! But as fun and exciting as it is, it can also be a big task to plan and execute the perfect ambiance for everyone. That’s why we’re here to help you create an impeccable table setting for you and your guests.



To start creating the perfect table setting, let’s start with one of our main characters, plates! Plates are essential to the dinner party, but they’re often seen as a simple necessity, rather than a decorative part of the ~vibe~ that they truly can be. Especially with these Xenia Taler dinner and side plates! They’re made of bamboo fiber and are PA, PVC and Phthalates free…on top of being the most fun and charming plates we've ever seen. We have so many fun designs to choose from at Frangipani and they are sold in packs OR individually so you can mix and match patterns to create a whimsical place setting for your guests. 



Another crucial and very much overlooked part of any table setting is, of course, the napkins! The RIGHT napkins make such a huge difference. Yeah, you can get the same old, white paper napkins, but what is that actually going to bring to the table? (pun intended). Not much other than waste that will only end up in the trash. It’s definitely not going to add to the incredible energy you’re creating. So instead, try these beautiful and reusable cloth napkins by Atelier Saucier made with 100% premium reclaimed fabric. These will truly highlight the special and intentional space you’re creating while also serving their very important purpose.



Now let’s talk drink ware. Glasses are equally as important to the table and should also be an important part of the vibe. This element can often be a trickier find, especially when you have a specific vision for what you want the setting to look and feel like. But lucky for you, Frangipani has you covered (as always)! Our Turquoise and Clear Stemmed Glasses are the perfect option for your Spring celebration! They’re made of recycled glass and guess what… they’re currently 50% off at our Wynwood location! Come visit us and check out all the different colors we have for you.

Serving Bowl


Last but not least, your perfect table setting needs a beautiful serving bowl to hold your yummy salad or main dish. Again, our priority here is to maintain an intentional and vibrant energy to match the changing of the seasons. Our Bibol Bamboo serving bowls are the perfect low key and elegant complement to your table, with their colorful exterior and dynamic shape. They are handmade, making each one all the more special and unique. 

I hope this helps you set up the perfect Spring dinner party! I already know you have everything you need to be the hostess with the mostess this season, but curating a special and intentional table will make all the difference to you and your guests once it’s time to sit and enjoy your lovely meal. A good table sets the mood for good conversation and deep connection among all your loved ones. Follow this guide and visit us at our store in Wynwood to create a magical night that your guests will never forget! Happy hosting!

March 24, 2022 — Cristina Pelaez
Beach Day Essentials for Home or Vacation

Beach Day Essentials for Home or Vacation

As South Florida natives, we have a real appreciation for the beautiful winters we get to experience in this corner of the country.  There’s just something about that perfectly sunny and windy weather.  But with that being said, those 60 degree days are fun in moderation, and it’s exciting to welcome back the scorching hot days that us Floridians know all too well.  The kind that burn your feet and melt your ice cream, but also give you the best tans and most fun memories.

Hot, sunny days mean the beach is calling your name and you obviously have no choice but to answer!  So what’s the first thing you can do to ring in the changing of the seasons?  That’s a great question to ask, and actually the first perfect move is to head over to Frangipani and update all your beach day essentials.  Let’s see some of our new options for you.


First things first, you need something to wear, and a killer beach day outfit does more than just make you look good.  With these options you’ll also be feeling good and giving off the most magnetic positive vibrations that only attract more and more good.  It’s science!  Our Namaste Raza one piece swimsuit is flattering for all body types.  It features a halter tie, scoop neck, and plunge back with medium coverage.  The super soft nylon fabric makes it comfortable and flexible to participate in all your favorite beach activities.  Pair it with your favorite denim shorts or beach cover up and you’re all set!  Likewise, our brand new Beach Babes set by Duvin, a fan favorite local brand, is the perfect outfit for any direction your beach day takes.  There’s nothing better than living in the moment and having some spontaneous fun, especially when you’re perfectly prepared.

Sun Protection

Now that you have your outfit selected, protection is your #1 priority.  The Florida sun is super fun but also super spicy, and skin care is the ultimate key to an optimal beach day.  And yes, we’ve learned from experience.  Luckily, Frangipani has you covered.  If you prefer an overall body spray type of application, our Bask SPF 30 Non-Aerosol Spray is the best answer. Did you know that most sunscreen sprays use chemical propellants?  Not Bask!  They’re completely paraben and cruelty free, reef safe, vegan, and non-aerosol!  What more can you ask for?  On the other hand, if you’re looking for some good face protection that you can carry in your purse at all times, our Salt and Stone Tinted Sunscreen Stick is exactly what you need.  It’s water resistant, reef safe, and glides smoothly onto your skin with a natural tint that blends into all skin tones.  Honestly, we’d recommend getting both!


No beach day is complete without the perfect accessories to complement it.  First off, you need just the right bag that can hold all of your necessities and weather the outdoor environment.  We anticipated this, so we ordered our brand new Tin Marin bags just for you.  These handwoven bags are durable, lightweight, and waterproof!  We carry a few different sizes at Frangipani, so you can choose which bag meets your exact needs.  Our personal favorite is the Sunrise woven tote bag because it comfortably fits everything you need with extra space for random miscellaneous items you might want to include.  Next, you need a nice towel to lay on and our La Lucia beach blanket is an amazing option for comfort all day.  It’s big enough for you, your friends, and some snacks.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  Lastly, lets get you some glamorous sunnies to complete this checklist.  The Ellis Sundown have been a hit since we introduced them to the shop, but we have lots of other styles you can try out at Fragipani.

We hope this warmer weather treats you well and that this checklist helps you prepare for all the amazing beach days to come!  If you have any other suggestions of things you would include for your perfect beach day, leave us a comment below!

March 10, 2022 — Cristina Pelaez
Maria Jesus Saez Cerda Spotlight

Maria Jesus Saez Cerda Spotlight

Maria Jesus Saez Cerda is one of the many beloved artists whose work we carry at Frangipani. In her own words, she is an architect, visual, and textile artist of contemporary mixed techniques. Originally from Chile and now based in Sevilla, her work is deeply connected to and inspired by her everyday life experiences. Saez Cerda's work is based on her personal observations, feelings, memories, and emotions, as well as nature and little everyday moments. Her artistry lies in how she translates these experiences into visual language through different techniques in order to communicate all the beauty that she sees around her.

And in case you were wondering, yes, it’s as beautiful and inspiring as it sounds.

Saez Cerda's work adds a spark of energy to already spirited photographs and other original watercolor pieces as she uses thread to hand embroider and accentuate details that bring her imagination to life. She really has an eye for the magic happening in all the negative space around us at all times and captures it beautifully in her work.

“Curiosity and restlessness always accompany me; and learning based on intuition has led me to be able to develop my own plastic identity.”


Saez Cerda tends to use powerful images for her artwork, including portraits of iconic and internationally recognized people such as Andy Warhol, Rihanna, Frida Kahlo, and so many more. She also pays tribute to her own home country and commemorates national Chilean characters. This collection is meant to honor those who have made a cultural impact through various creative industries all around the world and transcend time by keeping them alive through her work.

Another one of her collections highlights the power of femininity and uses images that memorialize the beauty of womanhood through all walks of life. These sometimes include empowering quotes and sentiments that really make you feel safe and understood through all the different challenges women may encounter in this world. 

We are so happy to have some of her original artworks available at Frangipani, and grateful for that fateful day in 2019 when she walked into our store during Art Basel weekend. She had just packed up her show and thought that her work complemented our energy flawlessly enough to leave some behind with us! You can imagine our excitement to realize that she was the perfect addition to our family of artists and products.

Visit us in Wynwood to see the collection of her masterpieces that we have available now! Here’s a sneak peek:

“Being able to transmit what I feel through Art has taken me on an artistic journey that mutates over time, having the possibility of being able to explore without fear, without prejudice, without limits; to finally create a plastic identity of its own.” 

February 24, 2022 — Cristina Pelaez
Give Yourself A Little Love

Give Yourself A Little Love

At Frangipani we’re adamant about the importance of self care. It’s essential for us to slow down every once in a while and grant ourselves the attention that we’re constantly giving to everyone and everything else. By taking the time to really listen to our bodies, our hearts, and our minds, we can actually give ourselves what we need. These moments of self-reflection and self care are especially crucial living in a world that demands so much from us.

When we take the time to slow down and be with ourselves, we recognize that there are infinite ways to care for ourselves. Whether it’s taking a bubble bath, journaling our worries away, or sitting down to read a book, there’s no right or wrong way to go about it! Because we are such versatile beings, and our needs vary from moment to moment, we have all sorts of products at Frangipani that can help you reconnect to yourself. We will make sure to fill your self care needs, whatever they may be! Read on to see some of our ideas!

Take care of your mind

We all live such busy lives nowadays and it’s easy to get caught up with work, friends, kids, and other types of responsibilities. That’s why it’s so important to step back every now and then to focus on ourselves, how we feel, and what we want! After all, you can’t take care of others without first taking care of yourself. Journaling is a great practice to stay up to date with how you’re feeling and to recognize what areas of your life align (or don’t align) with your goals and values. Our Secret Stories journal is perfect for expressing yourself privately in order to get to the bottom of how you’re feeling in your life. The bold cover will inspire you to be completely honest with yourself, knowing that there's no one around to spy on your private thoughts. Our Manifestation Journal is the best guide for getting clear on your goals and setting intentions for how to reach them. Manifestation is a really powerful practice that aligns you energetically with your true self in order to work hand in hand with the universe to get everything you want. Trust that no dream is too big or out of reach!

Take care of your body

When your body tells you that it needs some extra tender love and care, consider taking a night off to just relax or learn about the different ways that you can support its wellbeing. Our Shower Steamers are a great option for when your body needs some rest and special attention. The sweet essential oils fill up the air and infuse your body with their healing properties while you wash away all your worries. It’s a great way to give your senses some love and provide a stimulating, yet relaxing experience for your body. Or if you’re feeling more experimental, reach for your copy of The CBD Solution Wellness Book and read up on all the ways that you can use plant medicine to support your body throughout daily life. You might be surprised by all the natural solutions there are for some of the regular discomforts our bodies tend to go through!


Take care of your soul

The best gift you can give your soul in this busy, busy world is quietness. The essence of our being is exactly that. Quiet emptiness. One of our favorite ways to achieve this quietness is by simply lighting up some incense and meditating. Our Paddywax Incense Sticks are an amazing option for this; they come in three delicious scents and their container even includes a cover that doubles as a holder! Another amazing way to clear your head is by embracing your creativity and channeling your inner child through art! We carry some amazing options like the OMY Kawaii Poster which is big enough to hang up and pretend you’re coloring right on the walls. The key with both of these exercises is to practice mindfulness and simply let go of the outside world while you nurture your inner being.

We hope this acts as a reminder to put yourself and your wellness first, and that there are infinite ways to do so. Self care should be fun, simple, and something you look forward to. With the help of these products, taking care of your mind, body, and soul can be incredibly easy. The only thing you have to worry about is making time to dedicate to yourself. If you have any questions or need any more suggestions, you can always visit us at Frangipani in Wynwood and we are so happy to help.

Written by Cristina Pelaez

February 10, 2022 — Cristina Pelaez
Gift Ideas To Show Your Love This Valentine's Day

Gift Ideas To Show Your Love This Valentine's Day

LOVE! It’s here, it’s there, it’s everywhere. Can you feel it?

Whether you’re in the mood to share it with someone or embrace all of it for yourself, now is the time to do so and we’ve got you covered. There are so many ways to spread and express love, but here at Frangipani, our main love language is definitely gift giving. We have something for everyone so make sure to check out these Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can give to your significant other, or keep to pamper yourself!


No romantic setting is complete without the warm, delicious fragrance of a brand new candle. Set the mood with this Love Letters candle, made with natural soy wax, to let your lover know exactly how you feel, or go with our Pomegranate candle if your relationship just hasn’t reached that level (yet) but you still want to give them a subtle hint. You really can’t go wrong! You know what they say, a scent is worth 1,000 words… or something like that.

Games & Activities

Get a more interactive gift for the fun loving person in your life! Whether you want to spend some quality time alone and learn a new skill with our Love Cross Stitch Kit, or are looking for a challenging activity that you can do with a partner like our Graphic Puzzle, we have just what you’re looking for. If your partner’s love language is quality time, don’t even think twice because this gift will be everything they ever wanted and didn’t know they needed. Show them just how well you know them and how much you really care!


Let’s be honest, nothing says I love you quite like some jewelry!! Especially when that piece of jewelry literally spells it out, like this Je T'aime Bracelet! Don’t leave any room for interpretation this Valentine’s Day and make sure your partner knows exactly how you feel. In every language. Those words of affirmation are really powerful, friends, don’t underestimate them!


Tell that special someone how you feel visually through one of our beautiful prints! We have so many to choose from, but some of our favorite lovey-dovey ones include the Heart Print, the All the Ways Hipster Lovers Print, and of course the Self Love Print if you’re looking to keep one for yourself. The best thing about this gift is they’ll think of you every time they see it and be reminded of how special your love is!


Of course, you can’t forget to complete your loving gift with a hand-written note! This Soulmates Card is the perfect finishing touch for any gifts you choose to give and there’s plenty of space inside to let your partner know how you truly feel about them. Make sure to also stop by our shop in Wynwood to look through all the other options we have in stock. I have a feeling you’ll find the perfect gifts for your lover!

I hope you’re feeling the spirit of this holiday and are ready to express all your love with yourself and the world! Stop by the store to say hi and remember we’re always here to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Written by Cristina Pelaez

January 26, 2022 — Jennifer Frehling
Verloop Knits is a sustainable accessories brand that makes hats, slippers, scarves, blankets and pilllows.

Verloop Knits, a Sustainable Accessories Brand

In this day and age, one of our top collective values is (or should be!) sustainability. So you’ll be relieved to know that at Frangipani, we focus on and prioritize sourcing unique products from brands who are committed to conducting business responsibly and maintaining a healthy planet. For you, for me, and for everything that breathes.

One of our more sustainably focused brands, Verloop Knits, was actually born out of a desire to create less waste in the textile industry– which sadly, along with fashion, is one of the most polluting industries in the world.

Thankfully, Verloop saw this issue and decided to do something about it. Their process includes using surplus materials and unused remnants, along with unconventional techniques, to create brightly patterned knit accessories for everyday use. They continuously challenge themselves to create something new out of the extra materials that would otherwise be sent to a landfill, and they outdo themselves every time!  Their design process is extremely fun and experimental, leaving room for their work to flow and sort of have a mind of its own. The freedom and playfulness of the that goes on behind-the-scenes of Verloop totally shows and can be felt in their final products. Wearing their pieces always leaves us feeling extra vibrant and confident, knowing that it's possible to look THAT good while also supporting a clean environment for everyone.

Here are some of our favorite Verloop pieces that you can find in the shop today!


Rainbow Scarf

Stay warm and colorful with this super bold and humorously descriptive scarf. It’s one of our best-sellers (for obvious reasons) and will seriously warm you up inside and out. The only question you’ll be asked when sporting this baby is, “Omg where did you get that?!” 


Chunky Rib Slippers

Slip your feet into these incredibly comfortable and extremely stylish slippers, they deserve it! With the warm, fluffy interior and funky ribbed design, you’ll never want to take them off– and we fully support you wearing them at all times. Who needs real shoes anyway?


Checkerboard Patchwork Bucket Hat

Complement any look with these perfectly mismatched bucket hats that’ll really make any outfit pop. Each hat is one of a kind, but that's the fun of it! They come in 3 different color ways, each one more hypnotizing than the last.

“Our loop is both the knits we love and the way we make them.”


January 14, 2022 — Jennifer Frehling
The Wynwood Love Is Real

The Wynwood Love Is Real

We’re coming up on about a year since the Pandemic began, and not sure about you, but (safely) getting out of the house on occasion is much needed at this point.  Lucky for us, the Wynwood Walls and many new and old Wynwwod Favorites from restaurants to retail are finally reopened and accepting masked-up visitors at a reduced occupancy.  So, put your pjs away for a day and show Miami’s most colorful neighborhood some local love.

Wynwood Walls

Hard to believe this must-see, Wynwood stop is almost 12 years old and still drawing thousands of locals and visitors each year.  This outdoor, local art gallery will continue to feature Miami-based and International Artist’s most coveted work with slightly different programming than the jam-packed selfie soiree we’re used to.  Visitors will need to reserve tickets ahead of time and capacity will be limited.  Don’t worry though, these tickets are still less expensive than a cocktail from The Miami Mojito Company across the street at $10 for adults, $5 for seniors and military, with 12 and under free.  The great parts about this new setup are: more money back to the artists, more space to breathe (masked-up of course), and less time in line for that coveted photoshoot with your favorite mural.

Candle Land

Curated experiences are the new spontaneity and we are here for it.  Logging more at-home hours has had us making sure our spaces look, feel, and (hopefully) smell amazing.  Thanks to new gems like Candle Land, this is all possible.  Wynwood’s new, do-it-yourself candle making lab allows visitors to choose their own candle vessel, custom fragrances, and leave with their masterpieces in about an hour’s time.  Vitamin Sea, Clementine Mellon, and Sacred Sage scented homemade candles...sign us up!



Casual luxury street and sportswear anyone?  Coming up on 10 years since their first store opened in Aventura Mall, this newer, hipper, Wynwood location is sure to land some 3-pointers.  From sneakers, sweats, and graphic tees, to jewelry and fine footwear, this stylish spot for trendsetting sports lovers is your new fashion court.  Plus, Lebron and the crew behind UNKNWN have made it their mission to partner with a variety of non-profit organizations in effort to support, strengthen, and educate our community.

Walt Grace Vintage

Musicians and collectable car lovers can unite under one roof of vintage awesomeness here in Wynwood.  Because, while there’s no shortage of expensive cars cruising around Miami, there’s something cool about seeing a classic, vintage Porsche or Austin-Healey up close and personal during your Wynwood stroll.  Music junkies won't be disappointed with the vast collections of guitars, amps, ukuleles and accessories, sure to bring some extra flair to your work from home jam sessions.


Refreshing your wardrobe (and living spaces) is never a bad call, whether you’re getting out and about more, or staying snazzy at home.  Swing by Frangipani; located in the heart of Wynwood and the perfect spot for those with elevated taste and unique style. Shop everything from women’s must-have Spiritual Gangster activewear, Daughters of Triton PJ Sets, and men’s Mavrans tie dye sets, to gifts like The Wynwood Coloring Book, homesick candles, and selfcare products from habitat botanicals.  


While we were all quarantined, this beloved NYC concept made it’s Wynwood debut.  With 3 bars, a huge courtyard, stage, an event and private dining space, a streetside cafe to get work done during the day and 1970s NYC inspired pizza shop, Freehold is worth the pause in your busy Wynwood afternoon.  Enjoy trendy twists on classic cocktails and all the best vibes whether you swing by for a quick bite or gather with a few friends for an evening happy hour in the city that now closes at Midnight.

We hope to see you around Wynwood soon!  Let’s stay safe, support local and show our favorite painted neighborhood some love.

March 06, 2021 — Jennifer Frehling
2021 Reset: New Year, New Intentions

2021 Reset: New Year, New Intentions

If you haven’t already cancelled your subscription to 2021, it’s probably time to dust off your notebook and jot down some goals for the year.  For those of you who are newer to intention setting, they can be simple like: spend more socially distanced time with friends, or let The Salty or El Bagel miss you a bit.  Maybe you’ve decided 2021 is without a doubt your year- full speed ahead.  Wherever you are on the manifestation spectrum, we believe that creating the right environment for your future success makes all the difference.  Here’s a few of our favorite ways to set the tone for growth and contentment this year.

Create an Uplifting Environment

With many of us spending 99% of our lives at home, it is more important than ever to love our spaces.  Keep your home office full of fresh flowers and a pop of color with our neon, translucent Mondri Vase.  Inner peace is sometimes only a quick switch away with our LED Acrylic Buddha Lamp.  It’s pretty OM-mazing if you ask us.  Lose the boring, plain white walls and add some art!  Some of our faves are these Andy Warhol Flowered Skateboards or this The Time Is Now print.

Journal Frequently

If 2020 was difficult to process, we’ve now entered 2020 2.0.  Seriously, it never hurts to write down some less than positive thoughts and let that ish go!  Journaling has been proven to help you move powerfully towards your dreams and aspirations so, why not do it in style?  Crank up your creativity with our Frida Khalo Idlewild Notebook.  If you are absolutely over it, but still have some interesting ideas worth remembering, this recycled, leatherbound, 256-page Bang Head Here Journal may be your new favorite place to brain dump.  For everyday ideas and aha napkin notes, this Mermaid Jumbo Deskpad is perfect.

Learning Something New

Is your mind feeling a little stale from too much doom scrolling?  There’s never been a better time to unplug from our phones and the endless flow of negative news.  We are loving Goodbye Phone, Hello World- a guide on how to feel empowered by not picking up your cell 150 times a day, while reconnecting to simple pleasures like nature and other humans.  If finally learning how to cook is on your 2021 to-do list, don’t miss Dorothy Iannone’s Cookbook: A real book of recipes full of visual delights, and filled with wit, wordplay, and idiosyncratic thoughts. 

Breathe In The Good Vibes

Transport yourself to simpler times with this bergamot, citrus, tonka, and sandalwood combo, timely named: Make Love Not War.  Feel the peace for 50+ hours of drama free burn time.  If you need a reminder of the goddess you truly are, our I Am Divine Amethyst Crystal Candle has your name on it.  With a plantable wildflower seed paper dust cover, and enclosed amethyst crystal, think of this sweetly scented candle as the gift that keeps giving.  Drift away to somewhere tropical with our coconut wax, limoncello splash, quince, and blushed prosecco scented Sunshine Spritz Candle from Homesick.

Refresh Your Style 

If you’ve escaped the ‘sweatpants only’ life for at least a day, you probably felt the slightest increase of confidence, put togetherness, or perhaps just got the opportunity to wash and dry your go-to quarantine uniform.  While we’re not suggesting you ditch loosely fitting cotton blend perfection, we’re just saying, you have options while keeping it chic.  For the guys, we’re crushing hard on this Duvin Black Umbrella Shirt and versatile Swim Shorts.  For the ladies, you can never go wrong with Spiritual Gangster’s uplifting graphic tops, and specifically, the Be The Light Muscle Tank, Higher Vibes Crop Tank, or Trust The Universe Chakra Tank.


Intentions often materialize with frequent reminders and accountability.  Wear your mantra on your wrist with this black and gold Be Happy Beaded Bracelet by Brooklyn-based Venessa Arizaga.  Commit to giving back while making a statement with this There’s No Planet B tote.  Each bag is made by female weavers from Bangladesh and each purchase helps them access medical and financial resources to improve their social standing.  

We hope to see you at Frangipani soon and that you join our #FrangiFamily sooner than later.  Don’t forget to pick up your Make Wynwood Fun Again Blue Hat and sport it around Miami or whatever other city you call home.  So, set some big goals, give it your best, and believe that the best is truly yet to come in 2021.
January 15, 2021 — Jennifer Frehling