Sustainability in Action!

Sustainability in Action!

Here at Frangipani, we are very conscious about the brands we offer and always make sure that their values align with ours. One thing we are passionate about is sustainability. We know the impact we have on this planet and truly do our best to make it a positive one. We make sure to do our part by providing sustainable product lines for our customers so that you, too, can feel empowered to make a difference through your shopping and consumption habits. We’re proud to say that over 50% of our store’s products are friendly towards our planet’s wellbeing; made with reused or sustainably sourced materials. Here are some of our favorite sustainable product lines that you can browse online or at our funky, fresh, and fun location in Wynwood:



One of our most popular brands, Mavrans, prides itself on its sustainability… as it should! Mavrans truly goes so far to make its products entirely eco friendly while also super fun, colorful, and inclusive. Mavrans' clothing is made from recycled plastic bottles that would normally take 450 years to decompose (can you imagine?!) and coconut husks which make the garments soft and breathable. Only the exact amount necessary of fabric is printed in order to create minimal waste during their manufacturing process. Most importantly, Mavrans fabrics are made without any water! We’ve carried Mavrans in our store for years and their creative solutions to common waste problems in the fashion industry never fail to amaze me. And it’s no wonder their products are a fan favorite.  Drop by the store and take a look for yourself to see how truly awesome and unique all of their designs are.

The Jacksons


The Jacksons is a London based handbag brand that also cares deeply about our planet and the people who inhabit it. They focus on sustainability through their materials, production, brand development, practices, and on top of that, they are also fair trade! Their code of ethics truly inspirational! They state on their website, “these codes cannot be an add-on, we believe strongly that it needs to be woven into our lives so that it becomes second nature to us all.” We are so proud to carry their products at Frangipani! Not to mention the fact that their bags are so fun and practical. We personally love using them on an everyday basis, but they also make great beach bags and the larger size can easily be used as a weekend bag for all your getaway essentials.

Salt + Umber


Salt + Umber is one of the few shoe brands that we carry at Frangipani. On top of being completely spectacular and the perfect complement to any outfit, they also have a very strong focus on sustainability, quality, and accessibility. They use small batch, sustainable manufacturing processes and recycled materials all the way down to their packaging and tags. They recently were able to even cut back 50% of their carbon footprint! How amazing is that? The list of sustainable practices they use throughout their business goes on and on, and includes things like minimalistic packaging, made-to-order production, raw materials, and computer generated samples. These shoes are one of our more limited products so don’t hesitate to stop by and try on a few pairs! I trust you’re going to fall in love.

We hope you care about taking care of our planet, our only home, as much as we do! Our store and our products are here to complement your life as best as they can, not only by making you feel more fun and beautiful, but also by assuring you that it’s possible to make a difference in the world through the small actions we take everyday. How cool is it that we can have fun and do things that we love, like go shopping (duh!), while also creating a positive impact at the same time. We’re here in Wynwood everyday, excited to help you out in picking the right items to take home and answering any questions you might have. See you soon!

Verloop Knits is a sustainable accessories brand that makes hats, slippers, scarves, blankets and pilllows.

Verloop Knits, a Sustainable Accessories Brand

In this day and age, one of our top collective values is (or should be!) sustainability. So you’ll be relieved to know that at Frangipani, we focus on and prioritize sourcing unique products from brands who are committed to conducting business responsibly and maintaining a healthy planet. For you, for me, and for everything that breathes.

One of our more sustainably focused brands, Verloop Knits, was actually born out of a desire to create less waste in the textile industry– which sadly, along with fashion, is one of the most polluting industries in the world.

Thankfully, Verloop saw this issue and decided to do something about it. Their process includes using surplus materials and unused remnants, along with unconventional techniques, to create brightly patterned knit accessories for everyday use. They continuously challenge themselves to create something new out of the extra materials that would otherwise be sent to a landfill, and they outdo themselves every time!  Their design process is extremely fun and experimental, leaving room for their work to flow and sort of have a mind of its own. The freedom and playfulness of the that goes on behind-the-scenes of Verloop totally shows and can be felt in their final products. Wearing their pieces always leaves us feeling extra vibrant and confident, knowing that it's possible to look THAT good while also supporting a clean environment for everyone.

Here are some of our favorite Verloop pieces that you can find in the shop today!


Rainbow Scarf

Stay warm and colorful with this super bold and humorously descriptive scarf. It’s one of our best-sellers (for obvious reasons) and will seriously warm you up inside and out. The only question you’ll be asked when sporting this baby is, “Omg where did you get that?!” 


Chunky Rib Slippers

Slip your feet into these incredibly comfortable and extremely stylish slippers, they deserve it! With the warm, fluffy interior and funky ribbed design, you’ll never want to take them off– and we fully support you wearing them at all times. Who needs real shoes anyway?


Checkerboard Patchwork Bucket Hat

Complement any look with these perfectly mismatched bucket hats that’ll really make any outfit pop. Each hat is one of a kind, but that's the fun of it! They come in 3 different color ways, each one more hypnotizing than the last.

“Our loop is both the knits we love and the way we make them.”


January 14, 2022 — Jennifer Frehling
Setting a Summery, Eco-friendly Table

Setting a Summery, Eco-friendly Table


After seven weeks sheltering in place, we could all use a design refresh right about now.  With all of the meals we are cooking and enjoying at home, why not elevate your table with a new setting?  Even better when the pieces are eco-friendly, bright and colorful, machine washable, safe to use outdoors, and affordable.

These chic dinner and salad plates come from Xenia Taler, a Canadian studio that has been designing bamboo dishes for the modern home.  With about 8 mix and match patterns to choose from, you can put together a unique look perfect for Miami.  Dishes are a mix of ground bamboo discards from a chopstick factory with a food grade melamine binder.  BPA, Pthalate, and PVC free. 

The bamboo cutlery, salad bowl, servers, and solid dishes is a comparable product made by French company Ekobo and comes in a range of colors.  The two lines work very well to mix and match together.

To see all of the choices we carry, go to the home section of our website,  Put together your new look and and show up to dinner in style!


Frangipani Today

Welcome, everyone, to the new Frangipani website and blog! It’s been a great ride so far, and we are excited to take this next step in our journey. We hope you enjoy this new portal into the world of Frangipani. Here’s a window into what defines us and what we love!

Color: At Frangipani, color is our first love, and we have a lot to offer, from a vibrant yellow monkey mask to an aqua patterned pillow, and it’s always changing!

Fashion: We love ourselves a little fashion, and our collection ranges from a large selection of Spiritual Gangster, to Jiva leggings and tanks, to your go to beach coverup from Star mela or Delfina, and espadrilles and beaded sandals to throw on for that day lounging by the pool or running around tropical Miami.

Handmade: Since the store opened in 2012, one of our main goals has always been to have items that are unique. We're drawn to objects hand crafted with love and with a story behind each and every one. Come check out our new Group Partners ceramic pots from Brooklyn. The makers pride themselves on “righting the wrongs of humanity, one pot at a time.” We like to think we are helping them on that journey.

Lifestyle: We know that the average person’s life can become routine… So here at Frangi, we aim to offer you items to brighten up that same old same old; something to make the life you live a little more vibrant. So now, every time you look down at your phone to see that annoying work reminder, smile when you see that ZeroGravity phone case covering it.

Well-designed: Quality is another key ingredient to the Frangipani mix. You don't want to buy an item that’s gonna fall apart in a month! We want something that’s gonna last you for the long run… Not only that, but it is gonna look cute, fresh, and modern at the same time. Try our multicolored and textured Baggus or our Mokoyubi backpacks and see and feel the design behind the product.

Sustainable: Living in Miami, the environment is an especially important part of our daily lives. We appreciate buying items made with sustainability in mind. So take a look at our new Carmine wallets from Japan, created from recycled scraps of highend and handmade wallet manufacturing. Surely it will be a decision you won’t regret.

Eclectic: As you probably know by now, Frangipani is not your average boutique. We pride ourselves on bringing product from all over the world, so you are guaranteed to find at least a few things you won’t see anywhere else. Not only that, but we always have something to satisfy the likes and interests of anyone, from a Russian Criminal Tattoo book for those tat-enthusiasts to handpainted skateboard helmets for our Mia skater boys… Stop by, take a look for yourself, and see what catches your eye.

International: Miami has always had a plethora of different cultures melting into the city as we know it. I mean, come on, where else can you get the best cafe con leche and pastelito, walk two blogs, and stumble upon a great sushi restaurant?? We like to reflect this side of Miami in the store. We take you with us on our travels and experiences here at Frangipani, from the shores of Havana, Cuba to the streets of Barcelona, Spain and everywhere inbetween. Become immersed in this beautiful world and check out our cool sarongs from Mr. Somebody Mr. Nobody from Ghana and our Star Mela totes and clothing from India.

One of a kind: Not only does Frangipani offer many one-of-a-kind items, but our creative mix is one-of-a-kind!  All of our items are curated and handpicked especially to fit the aesthetic of our store and our philosophy. We travel near and far with plenty of research in the process to offer unique product that brings you quality, beauty, and fun.  Visit us at our home in the heart of Wynwood. Thank you for joining us on the adventure of Frangipani's first four years, and here's to another four! Stick around for new blog posts every week. They will be filled with exciting Frangipani News and what’s going on in the cultural scene of Miami and the world. :)

September 05, 2016 — Jennifer Frehling