Frangipani’s 19 essentials for any beach-destined road-trip!

Frangipani’s 19 essentials for any beach-destined road-trip!

Written by Elizabeth Sander
Hotels in Florida have officially reopened! As of June 1st many ‘stays’ around the state have done their part to safely welcome visitors. In need of a road trip? The good news is Frangipani has all the essentials for the relaxing beach vacation that we’ve all been dreaming of this quarantine. 
A trip from Miami to Sanibel Island is only a little under three hours in the car, and trust me, it’ll be worth it. Sanibel Island makes for some amazing family-centric fun. From amazing resorts such as the Sanibel Inn or the Sundial Beach Resort and Spa, to beautiful beaches, wildlife refuges and shells galore- Sanibel Island is practically begging you to take this trip. And the best part? Frangipani has something for every member of the family - so you can all join in on this family-style weekend getaway!
Here’s our curated selection of 19 essentials for every beach vacation:
Luna Brisa Blanket
Feel like making a statement? This beach blanket will have all eyes on you and your family when you stroll in with this gorgeously-designed print in-hand. Made in San Francisco and hand-woven in Mexico, this is a unique piece you won’t want to leave the hotel-room without!
Spiritual Gangster Swimsuits
If you’re going on a beach vacation, it’s silly not to buy a new bathing suit, right? Right! So look no further than these seriously vibing prints from Spiritual Gangster. They come in a simple one-piece fit that is universally flattering, with beautiful details such as the scoop back and halter neckline.
Hitch Fedora
Fedoras are back! Although you may be skeptical, one look at yourself in the mirror rocking this breezy straw hat, and you’ll be convinced. This Fedora by Hitch is the perfect hat for summer; it has enough shade to avoid a sunburned face, and the versatility to transition from beach to dinner - enough said.
Supergoop Sunscreen
A trip to the beach is not complete without? Sunscreen, of course! And Supergoop is the new hit-destination for a skin protectant that is clean and won’t cause breakouts. Specifically formulated to be easy on skin, while maintaining its efficacy, this is certainly the sunscreen to buy this summer season.
Share With Sundress
Doubling as a swimsuit cover-up, this dress, with a tasteful vintage twist, is perfect for your beach-day. Plus, you can even take the dress to dinner with a chic pullover and sandals!
The Jacksons Jute Tote Bag
As any beachgoer and parent knows, a tote is a must-have beach item. Not only is this tote bag stylish and fun, it’s also 100% plant-based and made out of jute fiber. And to make things better, this bag is the product of an initiative to empower women and help overcome poverty.
Now who says women get to have all the fun? Frangipani has a great line of menswear to spruce up any man’s vacation-wardrobe, and he’ll love the selection, we promise!
Beach Dweller Swim Short
Duvin makes the best swim short - as coined on Frangipani’s website “Duvin makes the official uniform for people who hate uniforms,” and this print totally fits the bill. These shorts are fully water-resistant and have 4-way stretch, plus they double as leisure shorts for when swimming isn’t on the agenda.
Beach Dweller Button Up Shirt
And because matching is totally in, Duvin’s button up shirt is the perfect top to pair with these breezy new trunks. But his shirt’s colorful and effortlessly cool vertical stripe pattern is also incredibly versatile, giving any man infinite styling options. Frangipani loves pieces that multitask; it’s more ethical, and fun!
Flamingo Baseball Cap
We’re absolutely loving Duvin this season, and they also sell a totally ~vibey~ Flamingo Baseball cap. It’s well-made, practical and will have you loving that summer sun (without the risk of a burn). 
Slowtide Towel
Every beachgoer needs a towel, and the Hina Beach Towel is a must! It features a hanging loop for optimal drying, and its print is a photograph taken by the photographer Alana Spencer, calling forth images of endless palm trees. Its manufacturer, Slowtide, partners with artists and photographers to curate the most unique prints for their products, and this model does not fall short of that descriptor.
ESSNTLS Flip Flops
Sold in three colors, these flip flops by Indosole are the beach footwear every guy should be sporting. Indosole’s dedication to natural materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes are only the first reason to grab a pair of these men’s sandals. They’re also incredibly comfy with recycled tire soles, embedded arch support and a soft nylon toe thong. As the name suggests, they’re essentials.
Clandestina XL Tote 
Made of recycled materials, each tote bag sold by Clandestina is one-of-a-kind, and huge. With this roomy tote sporting two outside pockets, and the Jackson’s Jute Tote Bag, you will have all the storage space your family needs to have a great beach day!
And speaking of family, you can’t forget the kiddos! Frangipani has a fun selection of kidswear and merchandise, so the whole family can join in on the beach-prep shopping.
Octopus Swim Trunks
Designed in Stockholm, this pair of swim trunks from OAS kidswear is made of a fast-drying microfiber that optimizes comfort for all-day play on the beach or by the pool. Plus it has an interior mesh lining and a stay-in-place waistline; no slip-ups here! 
Local Baseball Cap
Made in LA, this lightweight mesh baseball cap with a metallic silk-screened motif is the perfect sun-safe hat for any child aged 4-10. And for a road trip within the state of Florida, the ‘Local’ logo is right at home!
Color Block Backpack
Couldn’t fit everything in mom and dad’s roomy totes? No worries, it happens! Thankfully, Frangipani offers a large selection of cool kids backpacks, so they can pack some of their own clothes and toys. This model from State also doubles as a great school backpack once Autumn rolls back around; it comfortably fits a laptop, school folders and S’well water bottle.
Bamboo Sand Play Set
Made with FSC-Certified bamboo fiber, this pail and shovel set will have any child excited for a day of beach play! Each piece in this play set is designed with a specific animal in mind; from the turtle sifter to the manta ray shovel, this set will inspire creative play in the sand all-day long.
Jungle Mark Mat
Now, we know that a vacation with the whole family can be difficult at times, which is why Frangipani carries a diverse selection of fun activities for kids to complete on the road, at the beach, or even in a restaurant. With this portable markmat, kids can have lots of restaurant fun, leaving the adults some much-needed time to enjoy a delicious post-beach day meal.
XL Street Art Coloring Poster
This poster, crafted by the french manufacturer Omy, is a great way to encourage some down-time creativity. Colorable on the floor or hanging on the wall, this poster will certainly give kids something to do in the in-between moments of your beach-stay.
Art Legends Alphabet
We know that no road-trip is complete without some educational reading, so look no further than this Alphabet book. Featuring an A-Z list of some of history’s greatest artists, your kids will not only learn the alphabet, but also the backgrounds of art icons that our world wouldn’t be the same without. And with a portion of the proceeds donated to UNICEF, a purchase of this book proves even more worthwhile!
Hopefully by this point I’ve inspired each of you to take that well-deserved beach road-trip from Miami to Sanibel Island! And if you do decide to make the journey, don’t forget to stop by Frangipani to pick up some of these curated essentials. Now go forth and sunbathe; the beach is calling!

June 17, 2020 — Elizabeth Sander
Setting a Summery, Eco-friendly Table

Setting a Summery, Eco-friendly Table


After seven weeks sheltering in place, we could all use a design refresh right about now.  With all of the meals we are cooking and enjoying at home, why not elevate your table with a new setting?  Even better when the pieces are eco-friendly, bright and colorful, machine washable, safe to use outdoors, and affordable.

These chic dinner and salad plates come from Xenia Taler, a Canadian studio that has been designing bamboo dishes for the modern home.  With about 8 mix and match patterns to choose from, you can put together a unique look perfect for Miami.  Dishes are a mix of ground bamboo discards from a chopstick factory with a food grade melamine binder.  BPA, Pthalate, and PVC free. 

The bamboo cutlery, salad bowl, servers, and solid dishes is a comparable product made by French company Ekobo and comes in a range of colors.  The two lines work very well to mix and match together.

To see all of the choices we carry, go to the home section of our website,  Put together your new look and and show up to dinner in style!


Frangipani Today

Welcome, everyone, to the new Frangipani website and blog! It’s been a great ride so far, and we are excited to take this next step in our journey. We hope you enjoy this new portal into the world of Frangipani. Here’s a window into what defines us and what we love!

Color: At Frangipani, color is our first love, and we have a lot to offer, from a vibrant yellow monkey mask to an aqua patterned pillow, and it’s always changing!

Fashion: We love ourselves a little fashion, and our collection ranges from a large selection of Spiritual Gangster, to Jiva leggings and tanks, to your go to beach coverup from Star mela or Delfina, and espadrilles and beaded sandals to throw on for that day lounging by the pool or running around tropical Miami.

Handmade: Since the store opened in 2012, one of our main goals has always been to have items that are unique. We're drawn to objects hand crafted with love and with a story behind each and every one. Come check out our new Group Partners ceramic pots from Brooklyn. The makers pride themselves on “righting the wrongs of humanity, one pot at a time.” We like to think we are helping them on that journey.

Lifestyle: We know that the average person’s life can become routine… So here at Frangi, we aim to offer you items to brighten up that same old same old; something to make the life you live a little more vibrant. So now, every time you look down at your phone to see that annoying work reminder, smile when you see that ZeroGravity phone case covering it.

Well-designed: Quality is another key ingredient to the Frangipani mix. You don't want to buy an item that’s gonna fall apart in a month! We want something that’s gonna last you for the long run… Not only that, but it is gonna look cute, fresh, and modern at the same time. Try our multicolored and textured Baggus or our Mokoyubi backpacks and see and feel the design behind the product.

Sustainable: Living in Miami, the environment is an especially important part of our daily lives. We appreciate buying items made with sustainability in mind. So take a look at our new Carmine wallets from Japan, created from recycled scraps of highend and handmade wallet manufacturing. Surely it will be a decision you won’t regret.

Eclectic: As you probably know by now, Frangipani is not your average boutique. We pride ourselves on bringing product from all over the world, so you are guaranteed to find at least a few things you won’t see anywhere else. Not only that, but we always have something to satisfy the likes and interests of anyone, from a Russian Criminal Tattoo book for those tat-enthusiasts to handpainted skateboard helmets for our Mia skater boys… Stop by, take a look for yourself, and see what catches your eye.

International: Miami has always had a plethora of different cultures melting into the city as we know it. I mean, come on, where else can you get the best cafe con leche and pastelito, walk two blogs, and stumble upon a great sushi restaurant?? We like to reflect this side of Miami in the store. We take you with us on our travels and experiences here at Frangipani, from the shores of Havana, Cuba to the streets of Barcelona, Spain and everywhere inbetween. Become immersed in this beautiful world and check out our cool sarongs from Mr. Somebody Mr. Nobody from Ghana and our Star Mela totes and clothing from India.

One of a kind: Not only does Frangipani offer many one-of-a-kind items, but our creative mix is one-of-a-kind!  All of our items are curated and handpicked especially to fit the aesthetic of our store and our philosophy. We travel near and far with plenty of research in the process to offer unique product that brings you quality, beauty, and fun.  Visit us at our home in the heart of Wynwood. Thank you for joining us on the adventure of Frangipani's first four years, and here's to another four! Stick around for new blog posts every week. They will be filled with exciting Frangipani News and what’s going on in the cultural scene of Miami and the world. :)

September 05, 2016 — Jennifer Frehling