Spring has sprung, and what better way to transition with the seasons than with a fresh and fun dinner party? Hosting any kind of meal at home is already a special and intimate experience, and even more so when it’s in celebration of life! and warmth! and new beginnings! But as fun and exciting as it is, it can also be a big task to plan and execute the perfect ambiance for everyone. That’s why we’re here to help you create an impeccable table setting for you and your guests.



To start creating the perfect table setting, let’s start with one of our main characters, plates! Plates are essential to the dinner party, but they’re often seen as a simple necessity, rather than a decorative part of the ~vibe~ that they truly can be. Especially with these Xenia Taler dinner and side plates! They’re made of bamboo fiber and are PA, PVC and Phthalates free…on top of being the most fun and charming plates we've ever seen. We have so many fun designs to choose from at Frangipani and they are sold in packs OR individually so you can mix and match patterns to create a whimsical place setting for your guests. 



Another crucial and very much overlooked part of any table setting is, of course, the napkins! The RIGHT napkins make such a huge difference. Yeah, you can get the same old, white paper napkins, but what is that actually going to bring to the table? (pun intended). Not much other than waste that will only end up in the trash. It’s definitely not going to add to the incredible energy you’re creating. So instead, try these beautiful and reusable cloth napkins by Atelier Saucier made with 100% premium reclaimed fabric. These will truly highlight the special and intentional space you’re creating while also serving their very important purpose.



Now let’s talk drink ware. Glasses are equally as important to the table and should also be an important part of the vibe. This element can often be a trickier find, especially when you have a specific vision for what you want the setting to look and feel like. But lucky for you, Frangipani has you covered (as always)! Our Turquoise and Clear Stemmed Glasses are the perfect option for your Spring celebration! They’re made of recycled glass and guess what… they’re currently 50% off at our Wynwood location! Come visit us and check out all the different colors we have for you.

Serving Bowl


Last but not least, your perfect table setting needs a beautiful serving bowl to hold your yummy salad or main dish. Again, our priority here is to maintain an intentional and vibrant energy to match the changing of the seasons. Our Bibol Bamboo serving bowls are the perfect low key and elegant complement to your table, with their colorful exterior and dynamic shape. They are handmade, making each one all the more special and unique. 

I hope this helps you set up the perfect Spring dinner party! I already know you have everything you need to be the hostess with the mostess this season, but curating a special and intentional table will make all the difference to you and your guests once it’s time to sit and enjoy your lovely meal. A good table sets the mood for good conversation and deep connection among all your loved ones. Follow this guide and visit us at our store in Wynwood to create a magical night that your guests will never forget! Happy hosting!

March 24, 2022 — Cristina Pelaez

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