As South Florida natives, we have a real appreciation for the beautiful winters we get to experience in this corner of the country.  There’s just something about that perfectly sunny and windy weather.  But with that being said, those 60 degree days are fun in moderation, and it’s exciting to welcome back the scorching hot days that us Floridians know all too well.  The kind that burn your feet and melt your ice cream, but also give you the best tans and most fun memories.

Hot, sunny days mean the beach is calling your name and you obviously have no choice but to answer!  So what’s the first thing you can do to ring in the changing of the seasons?  That’s a great question to ask, and actually the first perfect move is to head over to Frangipani and update all your beach day essentials.  Let’s see some of our new options for you.


First things first, you need something to wear, and a killer beach day outfit does more than just make you look good.  With these options you’ll also be feeling good and giving off the most magnetic positive vibrations that only attract more and more good.  It’s science!  Our Namaste Raza one piece swimsuit is flattering for all body types.  It features a halter tie, scoop neck, and plunge back with medium coverage.  The super soft nylon fabric makes it comfortable and flexible to participate in all your favorite beach activities.  Pair it with your favorite denim shorts or beach cover up and you’re all set!  Likewise, our brand new Beach Babes set by Duvin, a fan favorite local brand, is the perfect outfit for any direction your beach day takes.  There’s nothing better than living in the moment and having some spontaneous fun, especially when you’re perfectly prepared.

Sun Protection

Now that you have your outfit selected, protection is your #1 priority.  The Florida sun is super fun but also super spicy, and skin care is the ultimate key to an optimal beach day.  And yes, we’ve learned from experience.  Luckily, Frangipani has you covered.  If you prefer an overall body spray type of application, our Bask SPF 30 Non-Aerosol Spray is the best answer. Did you know that most sunscreen sprays use chemical propellants?  Not Bask!  They’re completely paraben and cruelty free, reef safe, vegan, and non-aerosol!  What more can you ask for?  On the other hand, if you’re looking for some good face protection that you can carry in your purse at all times, our Salt and Stone Tinted Sunscreen Stick is exactly what you need.  It’s water resistant, reef safe, and glides smoothly onto your skin with a natural tint that blends into all skin tones.  Honestly, we’d recommend getting both!


No beach day is complete without the perfect accessories to complement it.  First off, you need just the right bag that can hold all of your necessities and weather the outdoor environment.  We anticipated this, so we ordered our brand new Tin Marin bags just for you.  These handwoven bags are durable, lightweight, and waterproof!  We carry a few different sizes at Frangipani, so you can choose which bag meets your exact needs.  Our personal favorite is the Sunrise woven tote bag because it comfortably fits everything you need with extra space for random miscellaneous items you might want to include.  Next, you need a nice towel to lay on and our La Lucia beach blanket is an amazing option for comfort all day.  It’s big enough for you, your friends, and some snacks.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  Lastly, lets get you some glamorous sunnies to complete this checklist.  The Ellis Sundown have been a hit since we introduced them to the shop, but we have lots of other styles you can try out at Fragipani.

We hope this warmer weather treats you well and that this checklist helps you prepare for all the amazing beach days to come!  If you have any other suggestions of things you would include for your perfect beach day, leave us a comment below!

March 10, 2022 — Cristina Pelaez

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