Frangipani has been carrying Duvin’s men’s clothing for years, which is why we were so excited that they decided to release a line of women’s swim and separates this season. For those of you who do not know, Duvin makes men’s surf-inspired swim and streetwear. Well known for their matching sets seen on celebrities and everyday people alike, Duvin makes it easy to attain an effortlessly chic look. Every season they come out with increasingly creative textiles featured in their clothes and swim, but we love this season’s funky and fun looks in particular. 

Duvin was founded nearly a decade ago by two best friends in college and is based in Florida. The duo started out screen printing and hand-dyeing t-shirts in their 4-bedroom home and selling them out of the trunk of their car. They started traveling to California to purchase deadstock fabric as all of the major surf brands at the time were based there. They wanted to change that. Looking to create the perfect swim short, they took inspiration from all they saw around them in the Sunshine State! Duvin swim trunks feature a soft, stretchy, and quick-drying fabric making them super comfortable and practical.

I spoke with Shaun O’Meara, the Director of Sales from Duvin Design Co., to hear a little more about the inspiration for the new season, the women's line, and the future of the brand. This is the conversation we had:

FRANGIPANI: What inspired you with this season’s textiles and patterns?


DUVIN: As we continue to grow our range of product, we look to stay true to our brand's identity. Our style could be described as a mix of 80’s surf culture, historic Florida influences, and a little modern flair. Our newest drop of summer men’s and women’s products drew inspiration from a bunch of vintage products as well as building off a strong complimentary color palette to make everything flow together. 


FRANGIPANI: We are so excited that you finally made a line of women’s swim and clothes! How long has this been in the making and why did you decide to do it now?


DUVIN: We have been in business for quite a while now, but up until last year we had a small team, and it was all male. We did see a big crossover customer with women buying into our men’s product, so we knew that we could have success with a women’s assortment. Last year we hired Caroline Kirscht, who has taken the role of our women’s creative director. She is a very talented artist, with a great eye for style and fashion. I think she did an amazing job at capturing the Duvin vibe and putting together a unique collection of women’s products for Duvin. We were just waiting for the right person to bring the Duvin women’s product to life and Caroline has really hit it out of the park for her first shot at it. Just got the digitals for Spring 24 women’s and really excited about how it turned out. 


FRANGIPANI: What inspires you in women’s fashion versus men's? 


DUVIN: Going back to the first question's answer, I think we are heavily influenced by vintage looks, prints and patterns. We love the pastel color palette and really feel like our colorways stay true to our Florida roots. We also draw a lot of inspiration from the men’s product as well offering some matching sets that go along with the men’s prints and patterns. Women’s is trickier when it comes to fits and fabrics which is why we took our time on the sampling process to make sure we could deliver the best quality product for the price point. 


FRANGIPANI: What does the future look like for Duvin?


DUVIN: The future looks bright for us! We have had consistent growth year over year and as we scale, we have added some amazing talent to our team. We will continue to venture into newer categories like we did with women’s and kids this year. We also are looking into potentially opening our own experiential retail location to further bolster our Duvin Beach Club. Nothing locked in now, but we are looking for the right opportunity to pull the trigger on something like that.

With all of that being said, summer is still in full effect! Now is the best time to stop by Frangipani or shop online to stock up on men’s, women’s, and kid’s swim and leisure wear from Duvin Design Co. The perfect summer outfits, we promise that you will look cool wherever you go… 

August 09, 2023 — Sofia Zamboli

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