It’s no secret that we love prints at Frangipani… We have been carrying prints and posters in the store since we opened eleven years ago! Prints offer an affordable and fun way to decorate your home and support local artists simultaneously. There are so many fun styles and designs to choose from depending on your taste, but here we want to highlight three printmakers that we continue to support and love: Fine Frenchie, Archie’s Press, and Ash + Chess. 

Fine Frenchie is a business run by Miami’s own Valeria Krasavina. Inspired by her experience in the fashion industry and her adorable french bulldog Rabby (also the CEO of the business), she makes fun and feminine collectible prints. Her signed and numbered archival inkjet prints also come with a certificate of authenticity, demonstrating the uniqueness of each piece. Valeria’s prints are also tinted with humor. Who would think of a french bulldog in lingerie claiming they have nothing to wear? Looking at these prints truly brightens anyone’s day. I know seeing a meditating frenchie with cucumbers on her eyes and red wine in hand makes me giggle!

Archie’s Press is a printmaking shop run by Archie Archambault and based in the East Village of New York City. His iconic map posters started when he kept getting lost back when he was living in Portland, Oregon. As a result, he began mapping out different cities, inspired by his experience of disorientation, and using circles instead of the traditional gridded map. Seeing the excitement that his art garnered, Archie decided to expand his maps into other elements of life like anatomy and food and drink. Archie’s black and white prints are effective in their concept and purpose, and graphic in nature. We love hanging Archie’s food and drink prints in the kitchen or behind the bar. 

Ash + Chess is a stationary and gift company that operates out of the Catskills in New York. Run by the talented duo Ashley Molesso and Chess Needham, they use bright colors and retro patterns in their cards and prints to advocate for the queer community. Coming in two sizes, 8 x 10 and 11 x 15, you can use these prints as accents for an art wall or as a piece de resistance! We particularly love their Equality for All print. Given that June is Pride Month, now is your chance to be loud and proud in support of queer artists and artisans and purchase a print by Ash + Chess!

While we love the stories behind Fine Frenchie, Archie’s Press, and Ash + Chess, Frangipani  sells posters and prints by other talented makers, and we love the opportunity to inject some color, pattern, and whimsy into your interior! Does your home or office need a revamping? Come check out the many posters and prints we carry at Frangipani. 

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