It’s no secret that at Frangipani we love all things funky, fresh, and fun. It makes us what we are! That’s why today we want to highlight a favorite brand that embodies these three attributes perfectly: En Shalla!

En Shalla is an Anglo-Moroccan brand that focuses on high end accessories, blending North African art with modern fashion. And yes, they are as cool as they sound! They are based in Marrakech where all their products are handmade by local female artisans, and they’ve even adopted some of the Moroccan society’s values. For example, they make sure to use recycled materials during production whenever possible, as most people in Marrakech live on a low income and are very careful to reuse things so that nothing ever goes to waste. En Shalla’s founders found this way of life very refreshing, especially being from London where they were used to a very western, materialistic mindset and people constantly buying new products excessively. 

En Shalla even started working on a project four years ago called Food Bag Foundation where they use their embroidering techniques on recycled food bags made in and out of Marrakech. They work with industrial sized bags of rice, couscous, flour, and other commodities. Using this technique, where they weave different materials through a square grid, they are able to create beautiful designs and patterns in a pixel-like format – and create even less waste! To keep the bags’ original essence, the material is turned inside out so that the original design is still seen from the inside. They say this adds a sense of ~romance~ to the story, and I definitely agree! So poetic.

Here are some of our favorite En Shalla bags that you can find at Frangipani today!

Pastel Recycled Bag


This colorful, fun bag is one of our absolute favorites in the whole store! The size makes it perfect to use as an overnight bag or to take to the beach, and the versatile straps make it so comfortable to hold. Not to mention the amazing pom poms which create a playful energy that you’ll want to take everywhere with you.

Green Albers Bag


This bag, inspired by Josef Albers, is one of the very special bags from the Food Bag Foundation, made from a recycled bag of rice! This bag is so special and you can definitely tell it was made with so much love. Also, guess what… it’s on sale! Run, don’t walk to snag it now before it sells out!

Red and Yellow Envelope Clutch


This clutch is so unique and delicately made! I’ve honestly never seen anything like it. The details on it are next level and the craftsmanship is so special. It’s so fun and will definitely tie any outfit together. Buy it now and use it the next time you meet your girls for some drinks! But warning, they will most definitely want to borrow it every weekend!


April 20, 2022 — Cristina Pelaez

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