It's time to start searching for a back to school supplies list for 2020! You might be wondering what that even looks like. Most kids started the school year virtually, which is no easy experience, neither for kids or their parents. There are so many issues to keep track of like wifi difficulties, whether or not your child can see and hear their teacher, and maintaining focus among many others. The most glaring issue of them all is finding the right back to school supplies list for the 2020 school year. We know it can be difficult figuring all of this out on your own, so we've put together a list of back to school tips and essentials to relieve some of that anxiety.

At Frangipani, we want to help you put the fun into school, with playful & colorful supplies and accessories to brighten your student's day.  Here are some tips and supplies from us: 

1.Take Lots of Notes!

Composition Books from Mr. Boddington's Studio come in a variety of patterns to brighten up your child's day.  Snakes, ice cream, mermaids, how to decide?  Pick up one for each class!  These notebooks are made in the USA, with a perfect binding of wide ruled pages

The 7 Year Pen from Seltzer Goods was designed to keep plastic out of landfills and to make us smile!  One pen holds enough ink to write a line 4 to 5 kilometers long, and it's refillable!  So we can feel good about all those doodles we make!

2. Stay organized and don't forget anything

Bando academic agendas are filled with fun, with stickers, cool art, compliments, a postcard, and more. In addition, the planners cover August 2020 through December 2021 to get your child through this school year and into the next.

3. Be ready to get up and go-school could switch to in person anytime!

Backpacks from State Bags are cool and will keep our kids organized and ready for in-person learning.  Each bag includes a protective laptop sleeve, outer pockets for quick access items, side pockets for water bottles, and plenty of room for lots of books.  In addition, we can feel good about carrying a State backpack because they give back to American schoolchildren in need all year long through their program, Carry for a Cause.

Make this school year fun and productive!  Shop Frangipani and add some color to your kid's world with products that we can all feel good about. Finally, now you have your back to school supplies list for 2020! Now your little valedictorian is set to take on the school year with confidence!

September 14, 2020 — Elizabeth Sander

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