Wynwood, Miami is fondly known as the home of the Wynwood Walls, showcasing street art from renowned artists around the globe. But there’s much more to this thriving neighborhood than simply the art scene. From vibey coffee shops, to candle-making classes, Wynwood is the perfect place to take that first socially-distanced outing and enjoy shopping at small businesses as they reopen. Look no further than this detailed guide to find the best way to spend a day in the district in which Frangipani Miami calls home.



  Panther Coffee

Looking for a way to kickstart the day? Panther Coffee is your answer! As the flagship of this specialty coffee retailer, Panther Coffee’s Wynwood location provides a great way to shake off your morning drowsiness and embrace the day. Opened in the Fall of 2010, Panther Coffee sources some of the finest coffees from across the world and seeks mutually beneficial partnerships for all their wholesale and retail producers. Not sure what to order? I suggest the cold brew with a splash of almond milk, or a cheddar, egg, and bacon biscuit sandwich (if you ran out of the house before grabbing a bite, of course). Masks are required to enter and order, but you’re free to remove them once sitting outside with a front row seat to watch Wynwood come alive for the day. 



Wynwood Walls

If Wynwood is known for anything, it’s the beautifully painted and delightfully colorful walls found across the neighborhood. Definitely not a stop to skip! Hard to do that though, because they are everywhere.  These walls have been painted by artists from across the world and have a history of inspiring creative passion. Before the Wynwood Walls came to be, these warehouses may not have looked like much to any old passerby, but to an artist, they were made up of expansive canvases on which to showcase their artistry. ‘Inspirational’ is only a minimal description; you’ll have to see them to really get a feel for the beating creative heart of Wynwood. And don’t worry, with a mask and a great pair of sunnies, a self-guided tour of the walls is a great way to safely distance from others and enjoy some time outdoors.  We suggest starting at the corner of NW 2nd Avenue and 26th Street.


 Candle Land Miami

Next up is Candle Land Miami. Upon entering this brand new scent haven, patrons are greeted with ubiquitous millennial pink walls and decor that is both aesthetically pleasing and inviting. This candle-making studio is a great way to spend an hour choosing between a myriad of scents and beautiful candle-jars, all from a safe distance. Customers simply have to wear a mask (cuteness optional but encouraged), and capacity is limited, so you can safely enjoy making your very own personalized candle on the spot. Your future self will thank you when your house fills with luscious scents- all customized to your liking. Hopefully by now you’ve worked up an appetite candle-designing, because lunch at a delicious Wynwood cafe awaits.



Love Life Cafe 

Did someone say plant-based? I’m not sure about you, but as a new vegetarian “The best veggie burger in America” seems pretty enticing. Whether you’re vegetarian or not, there’s something on the menu at this plant-based establishment that anyone’s taste buds can appreciate. From the BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Sandwich, to The Miami Breakfast, you’ll leave satisfied. Love Life Cafe asks that you wear a mask upon entry and ordering and takes care of all other safety precautions. Think: incredibly sparse tables in a giant warehouse, with a constant airflow and staff cleaning every surface between seatings. They also have continued their online orders and pickup, so customers can take their meals to a location that better suits their preferences. 

Now, who’s ready to shop? These two Wynwood stops have got you covered with all your Summer essentials.



BASE Retail

If BASE Retail didn’t catch your eye immediately upon entry, you’re probably still dreaming about that delicious lunch- or you need to go grab another espresso at Panther! The leading menswear store in Miami, BASE Wynwood features an effortlessly cool, industrial interior with a wide array of merchandise from clothing to sneakers, which are all incredibly on-trend. Have you been seeing those Veja sneakers everywhere and want to grab a pair? Check out their wide variety at the Wynwood location, along with their many other cult classics and cross-over labels. 



Frangipani Miami 

A trip to Wynwood wouldn’t be complete without popping your head into Frangipani, a concept store featuring a playful, bright interior and sustainable brands. Let the crisp air and sweet scent draw you into this shopping oasis and imagine outfitting your next getaway- even if that means brunch. You can feel good about any item purchased in this store, seeing as Frangipani sources brands that give back to their community while and focus on showcasing smaller brands. A small business that supports other small businesses? Doesn’t get more rewarding than that. Chances are, you’ll leave Frangipani with an edgy new graphic tee, gorgeous jewelry, or some positively un-average stationery. We may not be entertaining as often during this pandemic, but that doesn’t mean your dining table has to be subject to a life of boredom. From bamboo dinner plates, to woven planters, Frangipani Miami will take your current set-up and spruce it up for the summer months to come.



Dasher and Crank

There’s no better way to end a successful day in Wynwood than at Dasher and Crank, an ice cream shop located at the neighborhood’s heart. Any ice cream establishment that boasts 225 original flavors in their first year of operation doesn’t seem like one you can miss, plus, who can resist the allure of a cool and drippy ice cream on a warm summer evening anyway? Dasher and Crank certainly has a flavor for every palate! If you’re feeling adventurous, be sure to try the Garam Masala Curry ice cream with a vegan base. Perhaps you’d prefer Dasher and Crank’s most popular flavor, the Ube. Personally, in the spirit of Miami, I’d go with the Salty Beach, because coconut cream, sea salt and graham cracker crumbs? Mouthwatering doesn’t even begin to describe it.

A day such as this in Wynwood is hard not to enjoy. It’s time to take a day for you and your favorite post-quarantine crew while safely enjoying all the sights and small businesses Wynwood has to offer. Spending a fun day amongst these establishments will go a long way for the district’s future. So hop to it, and I’ll see you back here in a week or two for another blog post, this time featuring some of Frangipani’s summer-ready must-haves!

Written by Elizabeth Sander

June 04, 2020 — Elizabeth Sander

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